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Deploy / Send Changes: 97 Hits
re three sections: * **Received From** Section- Admin can see what change type is received. On the Rec... ng for deployed changes. * **Send New Change**- Admin can choose Change Type. Product is selected by de... uct to another environment. * **Sent to**- Here admin can see what change type is sent. \\ \\ {{ adminh... From Other Environments === \\ Deploy change When admin clicks on ‘Deploy’ change button, user will be re
Rules Admin: 28 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>427}} ====== Rules Admin ====== Rules allow creating limitations for the configuration of ... er rule set (currently in Attribute dependencies, admin can define unlimited rules per rule set). Attribu... e Simple Rules cannot be exported. </note> When admin clicks on ‘Add new’ for simple rule, new screen will be displayed where admin will be able to define rule: **Rule name**- This field is required. It
Managing Quote Templates: 21 Hits
and when template was created and last modified. Admin is able to select whether template is used as:\\ ... this tab will hide ‘File Revisions’ table for the admin as well as the Template Builder tool. However, fi... d their own section. This is selected by default. Admin can also specify if this section will be selected... by default when user is customizing the proposal. Admin will be able to add sections by choosing from the
Management of content files: 19 Hits
olumns are added to grid: * Modified By – Super admin can see who has modified content document * Per... Content documents bulk deletion widget is added. Admin can delete following: * documents listed above ... t match entered criteria * all documents Also, admin is able to delete document by document as on pict... icked on Add new button, CPQ open browse window. Admin is able to multi select several files. Admin can
Delegation of Authority for Simple Products: 15 Hits
on of Authority for Simple Products ==== \\ Local admin can manage Local simple products. To be able to manage local products, Super admin have to delegate managing of simple products to Local admin in Set... ure A: Delegation of authority//;#; \\ When Super admin clicks on ‘Add New’ (or ‘Edit’) button, page will be displayed where admin can define: * One permission group that will be able to manage simple p
Delegation of authority for user management: 15 Hits
Management of user)//;#;\\ **Permission Group** – Admin defines permission group that can manage users (F... lect Permission Group//;#;\\ **Can Edit Users** – Admin defines who can edit users. (All company Users is... ult)\\ **Can manage Users of These User Types** – Admin defines user type that can manage users.\\ **Can manage Users From These Companies** – Admin defines companies that can manage users. (User’s own com
Log in as a proxy user: 11 Hits
in as a proxy user ====== This feature helps CPQ admin user or CallidusCloud Support to proxy login as a... to share your password with anyone including your admin or CallidusCloud Support person. You control if admin or CallidusCloud Support can access to your CPQ account and when, by granting a permission to t... xplanation on how you can grant Access to company admin or CallidusCloud CPQ support follows. \\ \\ When
Categories: 10 Hits
.jpg }} ;#;//Figure A - Categories//;#; \\ If admin enters category where nothing is selected as defa... * Visibility of products in this category- When admin selects this check box and clicks on ‘Save’, per... tegories. * Visibility of sub-categories- When admin selects this check box and clicks on ‘Save’, per... ;#;//Figure C - Catalog on category view//;#; If admin enters category where default catalog view has al
Reassign Rights: 10 Hits
er ‘Quotes’ sub menu: ‘Bulk Quote Reassign’. When admin enters the page, she is able to define who can pe... roups that will be able to bulk reassign quotes – admin will be able to define permission group that will... gn privilege or she can select everyone checkbox. Admin should click on Save button in order to save settings. If admin selects everyone, permission groups will be disabled. * Bulk Quote reassign right
Bulk upload for simple product translation: 9 Hits
t translation ==== Using this functionality, CPQ admin is able to upload translations for many products using xlsx or xls file. Admin is able to export translation of products listed above, all products o... }} ;#;//Figure B: Translation language//;#; \\ \\ Admin can choose between CPQ ID and Part number as prod... is selected by default. When CPQ ID is selected, admin can import/export fields associate to product obj
Product Import: 9 Hits
ve section can be accessed under the **Products** admin menu (**Products->Product Import**). From this pa... save the file and then go into the Product Import admin section. Click the **Browse **button in the **St... new products into the system, the Product Import admin section allows exporting all existing products in... is 2500 at a time. ==== Bulk product copy ==== Admin is be able to create multiple copies of existing
Quote item custom fields: 8 Hits
it values of item custom fields in the quote.When admin adds new (or edits existing) custom field, she is... tom field: * **Name**- This field is required. Admin is not able to save 2 or more custom fields with same name * **Label**- When admin is defining new field, when she finishes typing name, label is p... * **Text** all characters are supported.(When admin is editing existing field, this field is displaye
Pricing Table Web Method - Input Parameters: 7 Hits
Required^Comments^ |Username|String (20)|Only CPQ admin users can execute this function. CPQ user is defined in CPQ admin.|Yes|CPQ admin user name| |Password|String (25)|Only CPQ admin users can execute this function. Password is defined in CPQ admin.|Yes|CPQ admin password for the admin user name provid
Set Cart Item Properties - Input Parameters: 7 Hits
equired**^**Comments**^ |username|String|Only CPQ admin users can execute this function. CPQ user is defined in CPQ admin.|Yes|CPQ admin user name| |password|String|Only CPQ admin users can execute this function. Password is defined in CPQ admin.|Yes|CPQ admin password for the admin user name provided in
Products: 7 Hits
Top menu: 6 Hits
User Page: 3 Hits
General: 3 Hits
Top menu: 3 Hits
Event Log: 2 Hits
Sequences: 2 Hits
User Types: 2 Hits
Companies: 1 Hits
menu: 1 Hits
Setup Home: 1 Hits
States: 1 Hits
Countries: 1 Hits
All Pages: 1 Hits
Attributes: 1 Hits
CRM Quote: 1 Hits
Rules Tab: 1 Hits
Enablement: 1 Hits
sidebar: 1 Hits
Reports: 1 Hits
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Quote Layout: 1 Hits
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