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CRM Item Mappings

CRM Item Mappings is used to transfer the Quote item level information from CPQ to when the Create/Update Opportunity action is executed. To access this administrative section, click CRM Integration Setup » CRM Item Mappings.

Two tabs are available on the CRM Integration Setup page: Action 'Create/Update Opportunity' and Action 'Create/Update Objects From Quote Items.'

  • Action 'Create/Update Opportunity'

This tab (Figure 1) allows admins to define how their quote items are sent to standard SFDC objects. It defines which quote item level fields will be sent to SFDC when executing the “Create/Update Opportunity” action. In this tab, admins can only write into Product2 and OpportunityLineItem objects (standard SFDC objects).

  • Action 'Create/Update Objcts From Quote Items'

This tab (Figure 2) allows admins to write from CPQ Quote Item level fields to non-standard SFDC objects. Admins first define the non-standard SFDC object (in the “Define Objects” section), and then define the mappings between the custom object and Quote items (in “Define Mappings” section below).

To define a new mapping:

  1. Click Add New to open the Custom Item Mapping definition screen.
  2. In Standard Quote Fields enter the CPQ field that will be mapped to the CRM field. Use the Code Builder to enter expressions with tags.
  3. Select the CRM item field type - Product or Opportunity Line Item.
  4. Click CRM lookup to select the field.
  5. Select Identifies Product to use the CPQ field to identify a product in CRM.
    Note: The Identifies Product checkbox only appears if you selected Product for CRM item field type in step 3.
  6. Click Save to finish.

To edit or delete a mapping, find the mapping under CRM Integration Setup » CRM Item Mappings and click the Edit or Delete icon respectively.


Standard Quote Fields: <*CTX(Quote.CurrentItem.PartNumber)*>
CRM item field type: Product CRM field: Name
Identifies Product: True
The value of the CPQ field, in this mapping the Item Part Number, will be used to identify the Product in CRM.

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