How to set up account look-ups from SAP CPQ customer page

  1. Make sure that Salesforce admin account is set up in SAP CPQ.
    This is required when users log in directly to SAP CPQ instead of arriving from Salesforce. To see how to set up SF admin account, please go to CRM Administrator Account
  2. Set up mapping between SAP CPQ companies and accounts in Salesforce.
    When user logs in directly to SAP CPQ and performs account look-up from SAP CPQ customer page, user will be able to see only his/her company account, its child accounts and its partner accounts. In order to set up user's company account, you need to find user's company in SAP CPQ Setup (Setup → Users → Companies), and in field 'CRM Account ID' to enter account ID from Salesforce that presents user's company.
  3. Make sure that action 'CRM Lookup' is enabled for appropriate SAP CPQ customer roles
    This is done in SAP CPQ Setup → Customers/Customer Roles → Customer Actions
  4. Define partner roles that will be visible to user when performing account look-up.
    When users perform look-ups from customer page, they can see partner accounts of their company account. You can define which partner accounts users are able to see (e.g. Resellers, Partners, etc.) in SAP CPQ Setup → CRM Integration Setup → General under the parameter 'Partner Role Type'.

In order to see how look-up screen looks like, please go to importing_customers1

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