Defining Preselected Category

A preselected category defines where products, which are synchronized from ERP, will be placed in SAP CPQ catalog. New products are assigned to this category so that SAP CPQ administrators can easily locate them and further modify them. Updating a product does not affect the product's category, which means that the product category will be preselected only for the first time, and that only the product itself will be updated.

To define a preselected category:

  1. Go to Setup > General > Application Parameters.
    A new page displays.
  2. On the Product Catalog tab, find the parameter Default category name for new products created via API.
  3. In the dedicated field, enter a name for the preselected category (for example, Draft).
  4. Save your changes.

Products will be added to the preselected category only when PreselectInCPQ=True in the <Categories> node in Simple Product Administration API.

If a preselected category is not defined, standard rules for product import will be followed. Products will be imported and assigned to the category that is defined in the simple product import API.

Example: XML Request Payload for Preselected Category

The following is an abridged sample of the XML request payload.

		<Categories PreselectInCPQ="True">
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