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 ====== MS Dynamics CRM and CPQ integration ====== ====== MS Dynamics CRM and CPQ integration ======
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-This page provides you with instructions how to successfully integrate your MS Dynamics CRM with CPQ.+This page provides you with instructions how to successfully integrate your MS Dynamics CRM with CPQ.\\ 
 +**Prerequisite**: Federated SSO needs to be set up for the integration to work properly. The following steps need to be taken in order to establish SSO between SAP CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 
 +  * SAML metadata files exchange between IdP and SP side. ADFS or Azure AD is the identity provider (IdP) on the customer side and SAP CPQ is the service provider (SP). 
 +  * User mapping should be configured on ADFS side and SAP CPQ side. 
 +When SSO is configured, a CRM user will automatically be mapped to a SAP CPQ user after landing from CRM to SAP CPQ and there won't be any need to send the ID of the CRM user in the URL of the SAP CPQ landing page.\\ 
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 ^Field name^Field value^Note^ ^Field name^Field value^Note^
 |Name|**CPQ**|**iframe_** is prepended automatically| |Name|**CPQ**|**iframe_** is prepended automatically|
-|URL| **https://sandbox.webcomcpq.com/mscrm/mscrmlogin.aspx?domain_name=YOURCPQDOMAIN&action=new**||+|URL| **https://teststable.webcomcpq.com/MsCrm/Login.aspx?opportunityId=value&quoteNumber=value&action=value**|**opportunityId** is the ID of the Opportunity object in CRM. **quoteNumber** is the composite number of the CPQ quote. Quote composite number can be sent in clear text or masked, using 0xFF XOR mask. **action** is the quote action. It can take values **new**, **edit** or **view**. **new** should be used for creating a new quote object. **edit** should be used for editing an existing quote, and **view** should be used to access the quote in the read-only mode.|
 |Label|**CPQ**|| |Label|**CPQ**||
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