Admin Action Audit Trail

The system tracks changes made by administrators and the details of the changes and displays them in the Admin Action Audit Trail page.

Example: John is a sports goods manufacturer selling exercise balls to fitness retailers. He has requested for administrators to create an approval rule in SAP CPQ stating that the balls must not be wider than 14 inches and not higher than 34 inches. One of the SAP CPQ administrators changes the minimum height to 35 inches at a client's request. John was not aware of the change and he does not know who made the change. To get more details, John opens the Admin Action Audit Trail page where he finds listed the name of the administrator who made the change, the time when the change was made, the section, action and field on which the change was performed, as well as the previous and the new value.

The system tracks the following data and displays it on the Admin Action Audit Trail page:

  • Performer - the name and the username of the administrator who made the changes.
  • Time - the date and the time when the changes were made.
  • Section - the name of the section in Setup in which the change was made (for example, Approval rules).
  • Action - the action that the administrator performed. An action can be changing, adding or deleting properties, for example.
  • Field - the field in the application whose value has been changed. If administrators make a change to the Workflow page, this column also tracks the name of the action that was changed.
  • Previous Value - the value that was previously recorded.
  • New Value - the new value that the administrator defined.

The system tracks only the changes performed through the user interface. Also, if there are post actions attached to an action, they are all recorded in Admin Action Audit Trail.

Changes Recorded

The system tracks different actions that administrators perform in the Setup and displays them in Admin Action Audit Trail. The tracked actions are grouped below per sections.

Quote Custom Fields

  • add
  • update
  • change the name
  • change the calculation type
  • change the field type
  • change the tab
  • change the order within a tab
  • change the formula
  • select/unselect to transfer to items
  • select/unselect to show on place order confirmation page
  • change the label
  • change the permissions

Cart Fields Administration

  • add an editable group
  • add fields
  • add calculations
  • change the order of calculations
  • remove fields
  • remove calculations
  • change the default editable group
  • select/unselect the Default checkbox
  • delete an editable group
  • delete the default group
  • copy settings from a user type

Workflow Permissions

  • change action permissions
  • change user type permissions


  • select/unselect an action
  • change the condition
  • change the notification
  • change the post action
  • change the pre action
  • select/unselect automatic reconfigure
  • select/unselect automatic update of items to new product version
  • select/unselect prompting users to update to new product version
  • clear entire workflow
  • copy entire workflow

Approval Rules

  • add
  • change description
  • change user
  • change user type
  • change company
  • change condition
  • change approval calculation
  • change branch name
  • change approval requirements
  • change selected approvers
  • change the name of the custom approver
  • change the expression for finding custom approvers
  • change what results the expression returns

CRM Object Mapping

  • update object type
  • select/unselect if an object is updated in Salesforce
  • change the order in which the object is created/updated
  • update condition

CRM Object

  • update name
  • update type
  • update query
  • select/unselect if an object can be linked to a quote

Custom Object Mapping

  • update standard field
  • change custom field
  • change the direction
  • change the CRM object field
  • change the CRM object
  • change the execution time
  • change the event

CRM Item Mapping

  • change SAP CPQ standard quote field
  • change the CRM object field
  • change the CRM object
  • add object
  • change object

CRM Custom Field Mapping

  • add new mapping for a CRM object
  • change mapping for a CRM object

Quote Tab Permissions

  • change tab
  • change condition
  • change status
  • change permission group
  • delete quote tab permission
  • add quote tab permission

Remote Login (Log in as Proxy User)

  • log into SAP CPQ

Bulk Import/Export

  • bulk user import
  • bulk user export

Custom Quote Tabs

  • delete custom quote tab

File API

  • create file
  • update file
  • delete file

View/Export PII

  • search for users
  • search for customers
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