The list below describes the limitations of SAP CPQ for the 1905 release.

  • When autocomplete attributes referencing quote tables are deployed within a quote item custom field deployment package, the referenced quote tables are deployed without actions, validations and permissions.
  • When deploying quote item custom fields, the deployment is not supported if the package contains quote tables referenced by autocomplete attributes and any columns in these tables are defined as attributes that do not exist on the target environment.
  • In Deal View on Quote 2.0, when uploading an Excel template with an autocomplete attribute column via Excel Upload, the autocomplete attribute column should only be populated with the values corresponding to the defined Selected Searchable Columns of the autocomplete attribute. If two or more autocomplete attribute fields are defined as Selected Searchable Columns, entering either/any of the values results in the successful upload of the Excel file. if the values in the Excel file column do not correspond to the Selected Searchable Columns, the upload is not successful.
  • The Access Rights feature allows assigning read-only SAP CPQ Setup options to administrators only for Users and Custom Tables.
  • The Distribution feature does not support the automated distribution of custom calculation methods which depend on quote items, so manual distribution action should be taken each time quote items are changed.
  • The Quote Teams functionality is limited only to the Solution Design feature. It cannot be used apart from Solution Design.
  • The distribution action Retract resets all quote item custom fields in sections, including those fields that initially were not affected by the distribution. After clicking on Retract, the system resets the values of distributed sections to the source section according to the calculation method. The quote item custom fields that were not distributed initially will have wrong values after retract is performed.
  • The number of pages on the Solution Design tab is not saved for a user and a quote, so each time the user opens a quote or the configurator from the Solution Design tab, 10 items are displayed in the section structure. The user then needs to set the number of items on paging again as this setting is not saved previously.


The information below describes the limitations of SAP CPQ integration with other applications for the 1905 SAP CPQ release.

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