Adding/Removing Editable Fields

Clicking the button, User Group name, Status name, or Set all link in the Status - User Group Grid will bring up a screen where user may define Editable Fields and Calculations.


Figure A - Editable Fields Setup

Available Fields and Calculations

Fields – The Fields list box allows for the selection of available fields, which are not editable.
Row Types – Editable fields from the Fields list box can be filtered by selecting the appropriate row type from the Row Types drop down menu.
Calculations – The Calculations list box lists all available calculations. When you click on a calculation, you will see a detailed explanation of what that calculation exactly does.
Copy From – The Copy From option allows you to copy existing settings from other User Group - Status combinations.

If you select List Price to be an editable field, you will also need to adjust the Allow Edit List Price on the Cart application parameter.

If this parameter is set to Cannot Change List Price, List Price will not be editable even if specified in Cart Fields Administration.
For List Price to be editable, Allow Edit List Price on the Cart should be set to one of the following values:

  • Can Change List Price if it's 0 – the user can change the price only if the product’s price is zero.
  • Can only increase List Price – the user is only allowed to increase the product's price.
  • Can change any List Price – the user can change the price without restrictions.

Item Add/Update Calculations

Calculations listed in this section will be executed when add item or update actions are invoked. The three calculations listed in this section (Figure A) are the base calculations used for calculating all fields in the cart.

Figure B - Editable Fields Setup

Editable Field Groups and Related Calculations

The Editable Field Groups and Related Calculations section of the definition screen shows the Editable Groups and related calculations.
The Add new field set link adds a new Editable Group. An Editable Group can be marked as default by selecting the Default checkbox. This means that these fields will be editable when you enter the cart for the first time. Only one of the groups can be editable at a time, but more than one field can be a part of an Editable Group.
For settings shown in Figures A and B, the cart will appear as shown in Figure C. The first time you enter the cart, the Total Net Price is editable, but by clicking on Sub -Total this field becomes editable.

Figure C - Editable Field on Cart

In this case, if you enter 8,000 for the Total Net Price and press ENTER or click on Calculate, calculations in Editable Field Group 4 will be executed. In this example, CPQ calculates the discount percentage that will generate 8,000 for the Total Net Price as shown in Figure D.

Figure D - Calculate Action

Adding fields and calculations is explained in the following example:

Figure E - Adding Fields and Calculations

First, select ProductType - Multiplier and ProductType – DiscountPercent from the Fields list. Click on (marked with a green circle in Figure E). This will add these fields to Editable Field Group 2, and remove them from the list of available fields.

One field can belong to only one editable group.

From the Calculations list box in the Available Fields and Calculations section, select the calculations you wish to add to these fields (use the ctrl key to select multiple calculations). Click on (marked with a red circle in Figure E). Sort the calculations by clicking on (marked with a blue circle in Figure E).

The order of the calculations is important. If you are having problems with the cart check to see if the order of the calculations is correct. Usually the last three calculations for a group should be the ones listed in the Item Add/Update Calculations section, in that order.

If you wish this Editable Field Group to be default, select the Default check box (marked with a yellow circle in Figure E).
Finally, when you have finished defining the Editable Fields click on Save at the bottom of the screen. HO

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