Margin Health Design and Visibility

Once user has defined Margin Health Indicators, he can define margin health design and visibility by clicking the Margin Health Design and Visibility link under the Pricing/Calculation menu.


Figure A - Margin Health Design and Visibility

Here user can choose which color and picture will be used for low, middle and high margin.

There are no restrictions in the system on the supported format of uploaded images, except for IE in which only images in the .gif format are rendered properly.

In addition, it is possible to define which user group will see margin health on the cart. The image below shows the cart with margin health.

Figure B - Margin Health in the Cart

There is a standard action Margin Health (see Workflow Actions ) that allows user to adjust margin health with a slider. When a user clicks the Margin Health button, a modal window will appear as shown below.


Figure C - Margin Health Slider

On this page, the user can adjust margin health with sliders. Margin health can be adjusted per item, product type or total.

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