Margin Health Indicators

This functionality allows the user to see margin health for every item on the cart and for the total. The administrator can define margin health rules for a User Group, User, Category, Product Type or Product. To define margin health rules, click the Margin Health Indicators link under the Pricing/Calculation menu.


Figure A - Margin Health Indicators

From this screen, different margin health rules can be added, deleted, edited or copied. Clicking Add New opens a page where a new margin health rule can be defined in four easy steps.


Figure B - New Margin Health Indicator

In the first step, user can define the user group or user the indicators will be applied to. In the second step, it is possible to define if these margin health indicators will be applied to all items and product type sub-totals or for totals. Choosing Items and Product Type sub-total, as shown in the image below, allows defining the Category, Product Type or Product for which this indicator will be applied.


Figure C - Items and Product Type sub-total

In the step 3, user can enter formulas for margin health boundaries and finally in the fourth step define the condition under which these margin health indicators will be used.

When check box ‘Use recurring price and cost’ has been activated under CPQ Setup → General → Application Parameters → General, fnew fields for ‘Margin For Recurring Price’ are added. For more details see Recurring and Non-Recurring Prices section.

To define Margin Health Design and Visibility go to Margin Health Design and Visibility under Pricing/Calculation.

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