Rounding Setup

Under SetupPricing/CalculationsRounding Setup a user can decide how many significant digits will be used in calculations on the cart and how many decimal places will be shown to the user. In the picture below are settings for three fields:


Figure A - Rounding Setup

There must be at least one Default setting which cannot be deleted, this will be used for all calculations and rounding whenever specific values are not provided. To add a new setting, click the Add New button at the top of the screen. To edit or delete a setting click and respectively.
For Default, the value of Number of Decimals in Calculations is the maximum possible value. Number of Decimal when Rounding is two, which will be applied if it is left empty. The following picture shows the Add New page:


Figure B - Rounding Setup - Add New

The drop down contains all available cart fields. If Number of Decimals in Calculations is left empty, the default value will be applied.

Changes will not be visible on the User Side until you Exit Setup.

Rounding for Extended Amount

When setting up a different number of decimals for displaying or calculating an item/total field, it is not enough to change the rounding setup for that field. Since different cart field mathematics are executed (on adding/updating items to the cart, changing that field value, etc.) we must know to what decimal place numerical values (cart fields that other fields depend on) in the mathematical logic are rounded off.

  • All Item Fields - Direct ver. 1
  • Product type all fields - Direct
  • Total All Calculation

Field Extended Amount is calculated as follows:

ExtendedAmount = Qty * NetPrice

So, NetPrice should also be included in rounding setup.

Net Price is calculated as follows:

So, NetPrice = ListPrice * (1 - DiscountPercent) * Multiplier

List Price, Discount Percent and Multiplier should also be included.

Take a look at this example of setting an Extended Amount using four decimals in calculations and four decimals when rounding:

Rounding options

As this change could impact several aspects of how the SAP CPQ system operates, and to protect against unintended consequences, it can only be performed by the SAP Sales Cloud Customer Support team. Please contact them for assistance with this feature.

SAP CPQ offers an option for administrator to choose what method of rounding will be used in their environment. Two rounding method are available, and they are described in the following few lines.

  • “Away from Zero” - When a number is halfway between two others, it is rounded toward the nearest number that is away from zero
  • “To Even” - When a number is halfway between two others, it is rounded toward the nearest even number

In the next table, a few examples are provided

Original number“Away From Zero” method“To Even” method


Some possible problems with number rounding are listed below.

  • Cart values are displayed with a decimal place shortcut, which is the result of a rounding setting. One way users can extend the decimal place is by setting an appropriate value on the Rounding Setup page. Another way is to set an appropriate value of the application parameter, Cart currency rounding error fix option in the Shopping Cart and Quotes tab of Application Parameters. This application parameter controls if a difference exists between the total net price and summed (and rounded) extended amount. If there is a difference, then the delta is added to the item with a maximum extended amount value.
  • The Total NRC discount amount exists in SAP CPQ, although neither of the items has a discount value set. This may appear as a result of calculation error, which can be caused by an invalid setting in the Rounding section. One example of this would be items, which have an extended amount with a decimal residue (e.g. 100.5). If the value of the rounding setting is not greater than zero, the value right of the decimal separator may be truncated, leading to the rounding issue.
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