Attaching IronPython script on Button attributes

The purpose of this feature is to enable administrators to attach an IronPython script on Button attributes. This allows administrators to define a script that will be executed when users click the Attribute Button. This can include adding rows in the container, selecting attributes, as well as any other operation associated with attributes.

Use case No. 1

  • In the configurator, the user clicks the button.
  • IronPython script is attached to the button attribute.
  • Once the button has been clicked, IP script is executed and other attributes within the configurator are populated.

Use case No. 2

  • An attribute is configured as a button in the Product Attributes/Options section of a configurable product.
  • An IP script is linked to the attribute.
  • The script queries the web and downloads custom information.
  • The user clicks the button on the Configurator tab.
  • The downloaded information is linked through the same script to other attribute linked to the configurable product.

Admin side

Administrators can attach existing global IronPython script on product attributes tab under the product administration page (Figure 1), when the chosen attribute type is a Button.

If the auto-complete search does not find the script an administrator is looking for, the following message will pop up: Auto-complete search didn’t find any script with this name.

When the auto-complete search locates the script, it will be displayed at the top of the list. Arrow icons will be available for the administrator to navigate and set the execution of the scripts. A Delete icon will also be available if the administrator wants to remove the added script.

A magnifying icon will be located next to the auto-complete search box. When the administrator clicks it, a list of all global scripts will pop up (Figure 2).

The following columns will be displayed in the grid of the list:

  • Name
  • Execution Time
  • Code
  • Description
  • Active
  • Modified by

The administrator can search the script by typing the text in each of these columns. He or she can select the script by clicking the Select icon (green arrow pointing left). Once the administrator has clicked the Select icon, the script will be added at the top of the multiple-select list.

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