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 +==== Bulk upload for simple product translation ====
 +Using this functionality, SAP CPQ admin is able to upload translations for many products using .xlsx or .xls file.
 +Admin is able to export translation of products listed above, all products or products that match entered criteria. Product fields and languages that are selected on Product Translations Import page will be displayed in the exported file. 
 +{{ adminhelp:productadministration:bulk_upload.png }}
 +;#;//Figure A: Product list page//;#;
 +Open: Setup>Product Catalog>Products>Product Translations Import 
 +Administrator chooses language for translate from product fields (reference language) and language for translate to. 
 +{{ adminhelp:productadministration:translation.png }}
 +;#;//Figure B: Translation language//;#;
 +Admin can choose between SAP CPQ ID and Part number as product identifier when he wants to import product translation.  
 +SAP CPQ ID is selected by default. When SAP CPQ ID is selected, admin can import/export fields associate to product object as well as attribute and attribute value object. When part number is selected only fields associate with product object can be translated. Attribute object and attribute value object are disabled.
 +Administrator can select fields that will be translated. Product name and Description are select by default. Values should not be reset to default values when admin navigates to other page. If admin deselect all options and try to export product translations, message ‘Please specify product fields that need to be translated’ should be displayed. If Part Number provided in Excel file does not exist in the system, SAP CPQ will inform user that product does not exist.
 +{{ adminhelp:productadministration:translation3.png }}
 +;#;//Figure C: fields for translation//;#;
 +Export Product Translation:
 +  * Exporting product translations would be the same as export product – with ability to export products from categories and to export all products.
 +  * SAP CPQ would export all selected product translation fields – fields from product object, attribute object and attribute value object
 +  * Admin would be able to export translations for any type of product. (simple, configurable, collection, system or parent/child system)
 +Header of exported Excel file:
 +{{ adminhelp:productadministration:header.png }}
 +;#;//Figure D: Excel file//;#;
 +File import format:
 +  * File format for import will be xslx or xls.
 +  * See attached Import Definition File.xlsx. This file should be uploaded as Sample template file.
 +  * Columns don’t have to be sorted in pre-arranged order (system needs to be able to link column header and content found in the column) 
 +  * System_ID column should be populated with object system_id. Objects will be separated with’||’.
 +  - IF object is product, system id will be system id of the product. 
 +  - If object is attribute, system id should be populated with product system_id||attribute system_id. 
 +  - If object is attribute value, system_id will be product system_id||attribute system_id||attribute_value_system_id.
 +SAP CPQ will check if object (product, attribute and attribute value) exists in the system. If product system_Id doesn’t exist in the system, that row will be skipped, and translations would not be inserted. The same behavior will be applied on attributes and attribute values. If they don’t exist in the product, they will not be inserted. 
 +  * Object column can have following values:
 +  - Product
 +  - Attribute
 +  - Attribute value
 +  * Property column can have following values:
 +  - Product properties: Product Name, Description, Long description, Description builder
 +  - Product attribute properties: Label, Hint, Description, Error Message
 +  - Attribute Value properties: Attribute value description
 +All fields can contain formulas, except Product name.
 +  * Reference language column – this column will be populated with chosen Translate from language. US English is default.
 +  * Language 1, Language 2 … - Each selected language for translation will be a separate column in xlsx file. 
 +  * If admin rename column name, appropriate error message should be shown during the import.
 +  * Columns and properties values should not be case sensitive.
 +  * 
 +Updating Product Translation:
 +When admin imports a file, SAP CPQ should be able to understand whether product translations already exist in the system for provided system_id. IF yes, they will be updated.
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