ItemQuantity Attribute

A special attribute added to a products configuration named ItemQuantity can be used to control the quantity of the main item in the cart. The system looks specifically for the attribute named “ItemQuantity”. This will not only control the main item, but if any pricing schemes are attached to it, then prices in the cart will be affected also.
There are a few different ways that you can use the ItemQuantity attribute.

  1. You can expose the attribute to the user so that they can pick their quantity, which will then be reflected in the cart. In this situation you would likely not allow the users to edit the quantity of the main item in the cart. Quantity for the product would be handled within the configuration.
  2. Calculate ItemQuantity as a hidden attribute, which then is reflected in the cart. ItemQuantity in this situation would be based on selections made from the user.
  3. Calculate pricing base on ItemQuantity, then allow users to edit the quantity in the cart. This situation is ideal for products which offer discounts when higher quantities are purchased. For example, a product may cost $5 when buying 1, $9 when buying two, or $13 when buying three. If a user adds the product to the cart with a quantity of 1, the price will be $5. If when in the cart they change the quantity to 2, then the system passes that new quantity back into the configuration through the ItemQuantity attribute. Because pricing is based off this attribute, the price of the product will change accordingly.
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