Enovia Rules Parser Engine

Enovia is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool, whose purpose is to act as a master data system for setting up products. The SAP CPQ receipt of Enovia Rules can be enabled for users on request.

Enovia involves the following:

  • Product descriptions, including product name, status, revision, version etc.
  • Product attributes and attribute values
  • Constrains between different features (product rules)

Creating new products or updating the existing ones is done through API calls. Data channel looks as follows: Enovia>Enovia API Interface (EAI)>SAP CPQ.

EAI maps data sent from Enovia to the data format SAP CPQ expects to receive.

This document describes the Enovia rule engine in the capacity required by SAP CPQ admin users.

When rules are imported from Enovia in order to get rule messages translated to the user’s language, SAP CPQ admin user will need to:

  • Export message dictionary keys from the custom table RuleMessages_Translation
  • Translate them out of SAP CPQ
  • Import translation to this table
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