Formatting for Sections in Generated Document

The purpose of this feature is to enable sections in documents to have their own formatting (header/footer etc.).

When multi-section template is generated, if flag ‘Sections will inherit formatting (header,footer etc.) from first section in the template’ is selected, sections will inherit formatting from the first section that is found in the document.

When this flag is not selected, ‘Section break with new page’ will be added for each new section. This will produce effect where each section will be able to maintain its own formatting.

To enable this functionality user must go to setup, CPQ Setup → Quotes → Document Generation Templates → Sections, new flag will be added - ‘Sections will inherit formatting (header,footer etc.) from first section in the template’. This flag will be selected by default for new documents. In order for provide backwards compatibility, flag will be turned on for all existing multi-section templates (database script needs to be created). Additionally, info icon from the first row in ‘Sortcolumn in the table below will be removed, if new flag is unchecked.

Figure 1. - Sections in document will inherit formatting from master section
Figure 2. - Sections in document will preserve their own formatting

Section Formatting Inheritance

The section formatting option in Setup>Document Generation Templates>Sections affects document templates with multiple sections. If the admin checks off the parameter (Figures 1), once users generate documents in quote the headers of various sections will be harmonized with the format of the first section selected (CPQ treats the first section as the Master section).

Figure 1

To illustrate what we mean, each section comprising the document in this example has a different header (Figure 2).

Figure 2

When users generate documents in quote, and click Download Document (Figure 3), all the document’s sections will contain the header of the master section (Figure 4).

Figure 3

Figure 4

If the third, fourth and all other remaining sections inherit the header from the second section of the template when the option has been turned off, try selecting the option “Different Odd and Even Pages” in Word.

Sorting Template Sections

The Sort column (Figure 5) enables you to define the default sort order of sections within a template.

You can enable the user to re-sort the sections during document generation process by ticking the User can sort sections check box.

Figure 5 - Sorting Template Sections

The sorting of template sections is preserved within a quote when document is generated. Next time you generate the document for the same quote, using the same template section, sorting will be the same regardless of section ordering in Setup.

The sorting will change only when you reorder the sections during document generation steps.

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