Guiding User Through the Process

The purpose of this feature is to visually guide new or less experience or less frequent users through the process of selecting products, creating a shopping cart, generating a quote document.

Depending on application parameter ‘Show lead/prompting arrows in catalog (catalog, configurator, shopping cart, document generation)', CPQ will display arrows that will make it easy for user to understand that he/she needs to click on category or Customize product button. Button ‘Add to Quote’ should be hiddengreyed our (or disabled) until user selects at least one product to be added to quote.

For categories, arrow will be added to the end of category name:

Figure 1. - Categories

For product ‘Customize’ button, arrow will be added in it:

Figure 2. - Customize Button without any product selected

Figure 3. - Customize Button with products selected

For configurator, same arrow will be added to ‘add to quote’/'Prepare proposal' button:

Figure 4. - Configurator

Approvals action will also have an arrow in order to prompt uses to click on it (when it shows up) if approvals are needed. This is because Generate Quote action will not be there any longer and approvals is the next thing they need to do.

Figure 5. - Generate quote action in cart

Figure 6. - Approvals action in cart

Figure 7. - Generate quote - Choose Template

Figure 8. - Generate quote - Customize Template

Application parameter ‘Show lead/prompting arrows (catalog, configurator, shopping cart, document generation)’’ will be added to first tab of application parameters. Default value is ‘FALSE’.

Figure 9. - Application parameters
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