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-====== Quote Fields and Calculations ====== +====== Managing Calculations ====== 
-A specific page in **Setup** is used to manage Quote 2.0 calculations.\\ +To manage calculations for Quote 2.0, access the **Quote Fields and Calculations** page in **Setup** > **Quotes**. The page will show in **Setup** only when Quote 2.0 is on. Otherwise, if using the standard quote engine, calculations should be administered under **Pricing/Calculations** > **Cart Fields Administration**.\\ 
-<note>The **Quote Fields and Calculations** page is available in **Setup** > **Quotes** only when Quote 2.0 is on. Otherwise, if using the standard quote engine, quote fields should be administered under **Pricing/Calculations** > **Cart Fields Administration**.</note> +<note>Please note that in the context of calculations, terms quote //fields// and //columns// may be used interchangeably when referring to fields on quotes that are calculated via formulas (e.g. **NRC List Price**, **Extended Cost**, **NRC Cost**, etc.). Additionallyterms //formula// and //calculations// may be used interchangeably as well.</note> 
-The concept of editable groups is completely removed from the system and calculations are managed on field level for all users on the tenant. You can set up calculations for each field separatelyone at a time.\\ +Calculations for Quote 2.0 are described in these pages: 
-On user side, all fields with calculations are editable. Double-clicking the underlined amount in a quote makes all the fields in the column editable. After changing a value, users can trigger the calculations by clicking **Reprice**, clicking anywhere outside the active field or pressing Enter.  +  * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:calculation_order_for_quote_2.0|Order of Calculations when Changing Quote Field Values]] 
-==== Fields and Calculations ==== +  * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:editing|Editing]] 
-The **Fields and Calculations** tab allows you to manage existing quote item standard and custom fields in the system and add new fields. Administrators have a full control over the order of calculations and they can easily insert an item custom field between two standard fields and insert a calculation so that the custom field affects the standard fields, without having to completely rewrite the entire quote calculation for quote lines.\\ +  * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:fields_and_calculations|Fields and Calculations]] 
-{{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:cpq_182_new_cart_field_admin.png?600}}\\ +  [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:order_of_calculations_when_adding_updating_fields|Order of Calculations when Adding/Updating Fields]] 
-After clicking **Add New Field**, a window pops up for defining basic settings (field name, label, type and dependency from the knockout context). The field will display automatically in the list of fields and you can additionally manage it on the **Quote Item Custom Fields** page. To handle the field's activityuse the **Active** toggle.\\ +  [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:quote_field_calculations|Quote Fields Calculations]]
-After you select a field from the lista list of calculations attached to it will display on the right. Calculations will execute from top to bottomTo change the order or calculations, click on {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:cpq_182_dragdrop_dots.png?8}} and move the calculation up or down. To remove a calculation, click {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:cpq_182_exit_icon.png?10}}.\\ +
-<note>Due to dependency between certain default calculations, the system must execute them in a specific order described in [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:quote_fields_and_calculations:calculation_order_for_quote_2.0|Calculations Order for Quote 2.0]]. Ordering calculations differently may cause an error.</note> +
-The calculations attached to a field will execute after the value in the field has changed. To attach another calculation, click **Add calculation** below the list of attached calculations. A pop-up shows all the remaining calculations that can be attached to a field by clicking {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:quote_2.0:cpq_182_attach_calculation_arrow.png?10}}.\\ +
-Additionally, the system lets you define calculations that are triggered when a new item is added. The list of calculations shows on the right if you click **Item Add/Update Calculations**. +
-<note>When Quote 2.0 engine is enabled, a parameter **Calculate discounts only for changed items** is visible on the **Discounts** page. Selecting the parameter optimizes calculations by checking discount rules only on affected (changed) items.</note>+
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