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 ====== List Price ====== ====== List Price ======
-  * Item ExtendedListPrice +^ Calculation ^ Description ^ Formula ^ 
-  * Item DiscountAmount from DiscountPercent +|**Item NRC Extended List Price**|Calculates item NRC extended list price from item NRC list price and quantity. |Item.ExtendedListPrice = Item.ListPrice * Item.Quantity| 
-  * Item NetPrice +|**Item NRC Discount Amount (from NRC discount percent)**|Calculates item NRC discount amount from NRC discount percent. NRC discount amount also includes item quantity. |Item.DiscountAmount = Item.ListPrice * Item.Quantity * Item.DiscountPercent / 100| 
-  * Item ExtendedAmount +|**Item NRC Net Price**|Calculates item NRC net price from item discount percent. |item.NetPrice = item.ListPrice * (1 - item.DiscountPercent / 100)| 
-  * Product type list price +|**Item NRC Extended Amount**|Calculates item NRC extended amount from item net price and quantity. |Item.ExtendedAmount = Item.NetPrice * Item.Quantity| 
-  * Product type Net Price +|**Product Type List Price**|Calculates NRX extended list price as a sum of all item extended list prices. |ListPrice = Sum(Item.ExtendedListPrice)| 
-  * Product type discount amount +|**Product Type NRC Net Price**|Calculates NRC net price as a sum of all item extended amounts. |NetPrice = Sum(Item.ExtendedAmount)| 
-  * Product type discount percent +|**Product Type Discount Amount**|Calculates NRC discount amount from product type NRC net price. |ProductType.DiscountAmount = ProductType.ListPrice - ProductType.NetPrice| 
-  * Total ListPrice +|**Product Type NRC Discount Percent**|Calculates product type NRC discount percent from product type NRC discount amount. |ProductType.DiscountPercent = 100 * ProductType.DiscountAmount / ProductType.ListPrice| 
-  * Total NetPrice +|**Total NRC List Price**|Calculates total NRC extended list price as a sum of all item extended list prices. |Totals.ListPrice = Sum(Item.ExtendedListPrice)| 
-  * Total Amount +|**Total NRC Net Price**|Calculates total NRC extended amount as a sum of all item extended amounts. |Totals.NetPrice = Sum(Item.ExtendedAmount)| 
-  * Total product discount amount +|**Total Amount**|Calculates total amount as a sum of all item MRC extended amounts. |Totals.Amount = Totals.NetPrice| 
-  * Average Product Discount Percent +|**Total Product Discount Amount**|Calculates item total NRC extended amount from total net price. |Totals.ProductDiscountAmount = Totals.ListPrice - Totals.NetPrice| 
-  * Item Gross Margin Percent +|**Total Average Product Discount Percent**|Calculates item total NRC discount percent from total product discount amount. |Totals.AverageProductDiscountPercent = 100 * Totals.ProductDiscountAmount / Totals.ListPrice| 
-  * Product Type Gross Margin Percent +|**Item NRC Gross Margin Percent**|Calculates item NRC gross margin percent from item NRC extended amount and item NRC extended cost. |Item.GrossMarginPercent = 100 * (Item.ExtendedAmount - Item.ExtendedCost) / Item.ExtendedAmount| 
-  * Total Average Gross Margin Percent+|**Product Type Gross Margin Percent**|Calculates NRC manufactures gross margin from product type net price. |ProductType.GrossMarginPercent = 100 * (ProductType.NetPrice - ProductType.Cost) / ProductType.NetPrice| 
 +|**Total MRC Gross Margin Percent**|Calculates total MRC manufactures gross margin from MRC net price. |Totals.MrcGrossMarginPercent = 100 * (Totals.MrcNetPrice - Totals.MrcCost) / Totals.MrcNetPrice|
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