On the Editing tab, you can select the quote fields that will be editable, the permission groups that will be able to edit them and the status of the quotes in which the fields will be editable. By default, all fields on quotes are read-only until their editability is defined.

When you access the Editing tab, only permission groups are displayed in the Select Permission Group column. After selecting a permission group, quote statuses display in the Select Quote Status column. Similarly, once a status is selected, fields show up in the Select Fields column. The selected fields are automatically moved to the Selected Items section. To deselect an item, either click on it or click in the column title.
Multiple selection of permission groups and quote statuses is not enabled so you have to define field editability for each permission group/status separately. Clicking Default Settings in a respective column applies the selection to all permission groups or statuses.
If you want the same fields that are editable for a permission group/quote status pair to be editable for another permission group/status pair, click Apply field selections from. A pop-up displays enabling you to search the permission group and the quote status.

The logic between multiple permission groups is OR (if a user belongs to multiple permission groups, and if editing a field is enabled for only one of the groups, the user will have the right to edit that field).

Default Settings

Default editing settings allow administrators to select fields that will be editable for all permission group/status pairs by default until administrators select other fields. The purpose of the default settings is to cover the scenarios in which the administrator has not defined what fields are editable for a permission group or a status, or both.

Define Default Settings

The procedure provides step-by-step instructions on how to define default settings for all permission groups and all quote statuses.

  1. Access the Editing tab.
  2. In the Select Permission Group column, click Default Settings.
    New is added to the column title.
  3. In the Select Quote Status column, select Default Settings.
    New is added to the column title.
  4. Select the fields that will be editable.
    The fields are automatically moved to the Selected Items section.
  5. Click Save.
    The selected fields are now editable to all users for all quotes.

After defining default settings that all permission group/status pairs inherit, selecting a pair and clicking Save breaks the link between the default settings and the respective pair. All future changes made to the default settings will not apply to the respective pair.

Default settings apply to permission group/status pairs only before any other change is made. For example, if default fields are selected for a pair and you deselect one of the fields and select two others fields, you cannot apply the default settings again. You can only select fields manually.

To decide what quote fields are editable for a user, the system first looks for the fields that are selected in Quote Fields and Calculation > Editing for that permission group and the status of the current quote. If no fields are selected, the system looks for fields that are selected for that permission group and all quote statuses. Similarly, if no fields are selected for the permission group, the system looks which fields are selected for that quote status. Consequently, if no fields are selected neither for the permission group nor the status, the default fields will be editable to the user.
The system follows this workflow after default settings have been applied and before any other change on the selected fields has been made for a permission group/status.

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