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-====== Rolled up and Reverse Calculations ====== 
-When handling calculations in Quote 2.0, users can use standard, rolled up and reverse calculations. Unlike in the old quote engine, in Quote 2.0 it is possible to handle reverse rolled up calculations. 
-===== Rolled up Calculations ===== 
-the following settings must be performed in the **Setup** so that the rolled up columns display on quotes for a user type: 
-  * to have the permission to manage rolled up columns enabled in **Quotes** > **Quote Layout Permissions**. Rolled up columns should be moved from available to selected in the **Visible Columns** section. 
-  * to move the rolled up columns from available to selected in **UI Design** > **Quote Layout**. 
-  * to have all the columns in one list, either in the list of available or the list of selected columns. 
-To calculate a rolled up amount of a quote field, add the respective rolled up calculation to the end of the list of calculations that are executed when the value of that field is changed. The rolled up calculations should also be added in the list of calculations in **Item Add/Update Calculations** that are triggered when an item is added to a quote.\\ 
-The default rolled up calculations are in the system and they are named accordingly (e.g. Rolled Up Extended Amount, etc.).\\ 
-===== Reverse Rolled up Calculations ===== 
-Reverse rolled up calculations are available only in Quote 2.0. This calculation type lets you change the rolled up amount so that the system would calculate the respective amount for each item. 
-**Example**: If you change the rolled up extended amount of a main item, the system will calculate the rolled up amount of each item and consequently the extended amount of each item. 
-When a rolled up amount is changed, the discount percent will first change accordingly. From there on, other calculations will be executed to calculate the amount of each item. 
-In the calculation setup, only the discount percent calculations are set up by default. Administrators should add subsequent calculations based on their model of CPQ. 
-<note>You can set up the calculation order for rolled up fields only for main items. Therefore, line item rolled up fields should not be editable on quotes.</note>\\ 
-===== Reverse Calculations ===== 
-Reverse calculations in Quote 2.0 let you change the amount in **Product Types** and **Total** fields so that the value in the respective item fields changes accordingly (the discount percent is first changed and then other fields set up for the calculation). 
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