Setting Up an Anonymous User

Before creating a new user account that will be used for guest users, there are some preparations to be done. First, in administration under Users it is necessary to click the Companies option to create a new company (i.e. “GuestUserCompany”). After that, user has to click the User Groups option – leave the Start Page option empty and do not change Visual Styles (except for Shopping Cart/Quote if necessary, since all other changes will not be visible). After the user group has been created, it is necessary to set up the privileges for categories (and products) that are wanted to be visible for guest users (for more information please see Product Administration).
Guest users should have at least Checkout and Add Item actions available which is why Workflow Actions must also be set. Next step is to open the Work-flow/Approval menu and click on the Workflow Permissions option. User will choose the by User Types Premission type of listing and select the guest user’s group he has created by clicking the add item icon. This will bring up the Workflow Permissions»Edit screen as shown in Figure A.


Figure A - Work Flow Permissions Administration

In addition to the Checkout and Add Items actions, user can also add Calculate and Save Quote actions. All other actions are not available for guest users and selecting them here will not make any difference.
Now Guest User account can be created. Click on the Users option under the Users menu and choose Add New. Make sure that the newly created company and user group had been selected for Companies and User Group, respectively.
After a guest user account has been successfully created, user can go to the Guest User and Default User Settings option and select a Guest user.

Inactive users will not be able to log in, so try not to get into situations where your CPQ is set up to use inactive user as a guest account.

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