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 \\ \\
 To import new users or edit existing users, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **Users** > **Import Users**.\\ To import new users or edit existing users, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **Users** > **Import Users**.\\
 +Alternatively, the same can be done on the **User Import** page in **Setup** > **Import/Export**.\\
 +On the **User Import** page, you can: 
 +  * Import new users using a sample template.
 +  * Create a template by exporting existing users.
 +  * Update existing users to later import the updated list.
-For this purpose CPQ provides the user import templateYou can download it, fill in the desired information and upload it to CPQ. You can use the sample template or create a new one by exporting the existing users.\\ +===== Importing Users from a Sample Template ===== 
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-1.png?500}} +Importing users from a sample template enables you to export a predefined template, fill it out with user details and re-import it into CPQ. This type of user import is recommended when you only want to import new users without altering the existing ones. 
-\\ +  * Click **Sample Template** to download the predefined template. 
-===== Importing new users ===== +  * Open the Excel file on your computer. 
-\\ +  * Fill out the columns in the **Users** sheet and save the file. \\ For more information on how to fill out the template, please refer to the Template Guidelines section. \\ **Note**File name can only contain letters, digits, dashes, underscores and one dot
-If you want to import new users you can download the sample templateIt contains one row filled with sample user information. You should delete this row before you start entering users’ information. Otherwise CPQ would create the sample user upon template import.\\  +  * Click **Choose File** to find and select the previously saved template. 
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-2.png?500}}\\+  * Click **Import**. \\ new page displays, informing you that the file is successfully processedTo proceed with the import, you need to choose one of the three import options: \\ - **Import Without Preview**your file will be uploaded and no feedback will be provided by CPQ about invalid records. Only valid records are processed. \\ **Import With Preview**: both valid and invalid records are processed. Moreover, messages in the Status column are highlighted in red for invalid records so that you can modify your file accordingly and import it again. If, however, you decide to disregard status messages and not modify the file, you can proceed with the import by clicking Save. By doing so, valid records will be imported, whereas invalid records will be ignored. \\ - **Import With Preview of Invalid Records Only**: only invalid records are processed, and status messages inform you of the reasons why each of the records is invalid.  
 +  * The imported users can be found in **Setup** > **Users** > **Users**.
-Note that not all columns are displayed in the screenshot, but their names are self-descriptive and you will not face any issues understanding what information the column is related to.  +==== Template Guidelines ==== 
-\\ +The sample template for user import contains the following three sheets: 
-Each column, however, has its own constraints that must be followed when entering information. All instructions about constraints are provided in the same sample template under the **IMPORTANT INFO** sheet.\\ +  * **Users** - the import sheet with columns that match fields in CPQ. 
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-3.png?500}}\\ +  * **IMPORTANT INFO** - restrictions and requirements for each field
-\\ +  * **Timezones** timezone IDs and descriptions
-For example, one instruction is not to modify the **System Id** column since it is used by CPQ during user importOnly eight columns are required: **Index****Username****Password****First Name****Last Name****User Group****Email** and **Company**. These columns must be filled out for each user.\\  +The **Users** sheet contains information related to users that are to be imported. Each user is placed in a separate row. The system uses IDs to match the records in the template to existing users in CPQ. When importing new users, you should not populate the **System ID** column. Additionally, when updating the existing users, you should not change the system ID in the exported file. If you delete or modify the system ID of an existing user during the editing process, the user may be duplicated in CPQ 
-\\ +The following columns must be populated for every user: 
-Note that one row in the template spreadsheet under the sheet Users represent one user. Each user will have its own row.\\ +  * **Index** 
-\\ +  * **Username** 
-**Username** must be unique to the user.\\ +  * **Password** 
-\\ +  * **First Name** 
-Another important thing is that you should not delete any column from the template or rename itThe text that you enter as user information must not contain any special character such as **“,*,),(**…\\ +  * **Last Name** 
-\\ +  * **User Group** 
-As you might have noticed, there is the //timezones// sheet in the sample template. This sheet contains information about all CPQ system timezones that you can enter in the sample template column **Timezone** under the **Users** sheet.\\ +  * **Email** 
-\\ +  * **Company**  
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-4.png?500}}\\ +**Note**: Do not rename or delete any column from the template. Additionally, the values entered in the columns must not contain any special characters such as “, *, ), (, etc. 
-\\ + 
-Once you are finished with users’ information entry, you can proceed and import the documentAt the same setup page (**Setup** > //Import/Export// > **User Import**), click **browse** and select your file that you have just saved and click **Import**.\\ +===== Exporting and Updating Existing Users ===== 
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-5.png?500}}\\ +To import users, you can also create a template by exporting all existing users from CPQ. Once users are exported, you can update their data and re-import the updated template into CPQOnly modified users will be updated. Users that are not modified in the template will not be affected upon import.  
-\\ +  Click **Create Template by Exporting Users**. \\ The **Exported Users** file becomes available.  
-On the next screen, CPQ displays information that is result of examining your imported file. It lists a number of valid and invalid records, and offers three options to continuo with the import: +  Click the **Exported Users** file to download it.   
-  * Import Without Preview +  * Open the Excel template on your computer. \\ The template contains all user fields that are available in CPQ. If you defined user custom fieldsthey will also be exportedPlease note that passwords are not exported from CPQ 
-  * Import With Preview +  Update user data, but do not change user IDsas doing so may cause duplications in CPQ
-  * Import With Preview od Invalid Records Only +  * Save the template
-\\ +  Click **Choose File** to find and select the previously saved template
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-6.png?500}} +  Click **Import**. 
-\\ + 
-If you pick an option **Import Without Preview**your file will be uploaded and no feedback will be provided by CPQ about invalid recordsOnly valid records are being processedThis is the reason that you should pick **Import With Preview** option instead. This option will list all records from the imported files, both valid and invalid, but will provide additional feedback for the invalid records. This way you get informed about the exact reason (Error) why the records is invalidand you can modify your file accordingly, then import it again.\\ +==== Updating Date Format for Multiple Users ==== 
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-7.png?500}} +By using the user import functionality, you can also update the date format and date separator for multiple users in the **Date Format** column.\\  
-\\ +The following is a list of supported date formats: 
-In this phase, you can modify your document based on the Error messages, and then import it again. If you decide to import the document regardless the Error messages, you can click **Save**. This will import all valid records and ignore the invalid+  * dd mm yy 
-\\ +  * mm dd yy  
-===== Editing existing users ===== +  * yy mm dd  
-\\ +  * dd mm yyyy  
-When you want to edit the existing user information, the best approach is to create template by exporting the existing user. This option is available in user import setup page (**Setup** > //Import/Export// > **User Import**).\\ +  * mm dd yyyy  
-\\ +  * yyyy mm dd  
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-8.png?500}} + 
-\\ +Date separators in CPQ are as follows: 
-The very same rules described earlier applies in this use case too. For more information, check the **Importing new users** section on this page. +  * - (dash) 
-\\ +  * / (slash) 
-When you download generated template it contains all the information for all existing users in your CPQ. You can update information for the user that you want and import the document. Only modified user (record in spreadsheet) will be updated. Users that were not modified in the template file will not be affected upon import. +  * . (dot) 
-\\  + 
-A few more use cases are described in the following sections. +You can use any of the supported date formats in combination with any date separator.\\ 
-\\ +{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:userimport-dateformat.png?300}} 
-===== Updating date format for multiple users ===== + 
-\\ + 
-When you want to update the date format and date separator for multiple users, you can do it through user import functionality. This is achieved by updating the template column named **Date Format**.  +==== Setting and Changing Time Zone for Multiple Users ==== 
-\\ +By using the user import functionality, you can also set the time zone for multiple users in the **Timezone** columnAdditionally, in the **Allow timezone change** column, you can allow or disallow a particular user to change the time zone in the **Setup**. To allow a user to change the time zone, enter 1 in the designated cell.\\ 
-The list of allowed date format and separators is provided below. +{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:importuser-timezone.png?400}}
-\\ +
-^**Date Format**^**Date Separator**^ +
-|dd mm yy| - (dash)| +
-|mm dd yy| / (slash)| +
-|yy mm dd| . (dot)| +
-|dd mm yyyy| | +
-|mm dd yyyy| | +
-|yyyy mm dd| | +
-\\ +
-You can use any of the allowed date format in combination with any date separator.\\ +
-\\ +
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-9.png?500}} +
-\\ +
-===== Editing time zone for multiple users ===== +
-\\ +
-User Import feature enables you to set timezone for multiple users. For this purpose you can use //timezone// and //Allow timezone change// columns in the template file.\\ +
-\\ +
-{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:user-import-10.png?500}} +
-\\ +
-The first column – //timezone// allows you to set the timezone for the user, while another column – //Allow timezone change// gives you the possibility to allow or disallow the particular user to change its timezone through the setup. +
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