The Statuses link under Workflow/Approval drop down provides information about an order or quotation status to users.
Examples of common statuses are Open, Order Placed and Shipped.
Additional Status Definitions can be added. For quotation tracking, Open Quoted, Closed Quote, Converted to Order, could be added. For orders In Engineering, On Hold or at Assembly Floor, could also be used.


Figure A - Statuses

Figure A shows the Status Definition Screen. From here, new order status terms can be added or existing ones edited. Select Add New to add a new status or click the button next to the status name to edit a status.


Figure B - Add Statuses

To delete a status, select the button corresponding to the status and click OK to confirm you want to delete the item.


Figure C - Deleting a Status

To make a status the default status, edit the status by clicking the button next to it and changing the selection in the Default drop down to Yes.


Figure D - Editing a Status

If another status is already set as the default, user will receive a confirmation informing him that a status is currently set as the default. Clicking OK will make the current status the default or Cancel will keep the current default status intact.
Note that there cannot be two default statuses and that there has to be a status set as the default status at any point in time. Therefore, editing a default status and changing the selection in the Default drop down from Yes to No bring up a message saying that the only way to change the default status is setting another status as the default.
A quote can be locked when in a certain status. When a quote is locked, it is in a read-only state and cannot be edited. To set a status that will lock a quote, user will edit the status, change the selection in the Locked drop down to Yes and click Save.


Figure E - Locking a quote from editing
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