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What to delete vs. not delete: 13 Hits
products in the system.\\ ===== Product Catalog Administration ===== ==== Delete Product(s)===== Existing prod... atalog → Products** will open up the **Categories Administration** screen. After Categories have been created, the... #; ==== Delete Attribute(s) ===== The Attribute administration section allows managing all attributes that exist... atalog** admin menu. This displays the Attributes Administration page as shown on the right screen. Simply click t
Creating Attributes: 8 Hits
step of creating the attribute. \\ The Attribute administration section allows managing all attributes that exist... ducts **admin menu. This displays the Attributes Administration page as shown in Figure A. \\ {{ productadminist... any changes made to these values in the attribute administration will be made in the rules also. A change is not p... ==== External ID ===== External ID in Attributes Administration allows administrators to create one more attribut
Application Parameters: 6 Hits
m. . * **Initially show only active products in administration's product list**: includes only active products w... ress**: defines the email address used to contact administration, notify the CPQ admin about new user registration... ting attribute dependency rules in simple product administration. * **Show Allow Option for Simple product rule... ministration:cartfieldsadministration|Cart Fields Administration]], they can set this parameter to one of the four
Approval Rules: 6 Hits
rs' Managing/ Ordering/ Approving parents on user administration page (//not required//) - Set up any additiona... in order to get the approval process going. Rules administration is found under Workflow/Approval → Approval Rules menu item in administration. The page contains a table that is displaying a list of approval rules... edit.jpg }} ;#;//Figure B - Approval Conditions Administration //;#; \\ As seen, user has to define first a **
Approval Process Administration: 6 Hits
====== Approval Process Administration ====== Approval Rule by itself doesn't do any work – Workflow must be set... trule.jpg }} ;#;//Figure E - Approval Conditions Administration-Edit// ;#; \\ ===== Setting up the Workflow ====... bmit for approval * Approve * Reject In the administration, we select Workflow/Approval then **Workflow** ac... pp.jpg }} ;#;//Figure F - Workflow Actions Status Administration//;#; \\ and add a condition to it: <***APPROVAL
New Quote Details: 5 Hits
uantities for these attributes in product’s model administration. · If in the product’s model administration t... opriate formula defined for this product model in administration. In the created quote, default discounts will be ... opriate formula defined for this product model in administration. In the created quote, default discounts will be ... s field represents the strong name defined in CPQ administration for some quote property. If the value of this nod
sidebar: 5 Hits
Recurring and Non-Recurring Prices: 5 Hits
th Indicators//;#;\\ On **Tab 1** of the Product Administration, there is a field for **‘Base Recurring Price’** ... ions:custompricing.png }} ;#;//Figure E - Product Administration Tab 1//;#; \\ On **Tab 2** of the Product Administration, there are fields for attribute value ‘Recurring Price’ and ‘Recurring Cost’ in table for a... tions:attributemrc.png }} ;#;//Figure F - Product Administration Tab 2//;#;\\ {{ :adminhelp:pricingcalculations:s
sidebar: 5 Hits
====== PRODUCT ADMINISTRATION WEB METHOD ====== **Function name:** ProductAdministration\\ **Function descriptio... data in multiple languages\\ The Simple Product Administration CPQ API can maintain simple products in CPQ, and ... e products in CPQ. Note that you can view Product Administration Input XML Examples [[ upport adding a new script over API call. Product Administration API can add only those scripts that have already
All Pages: 5 Hits
Custom Fields: 5 Hits
===== Custom Fields ====== The **Custom Fields** administration allows creating custom fields in the shopping car... /Figure A - Custom Fields// ;#; \\ Custom Fields administration can be found under the **Quotes** admin menu. He... ue, the new field will be added in custom fields administration “Calculation rank”. This field will be visible on... s.jpg }} ;#;//Figure F - Custom Fields Permission Administration// ;#; \\ The Permissions tab defines how the cus
Report Module: 5 Hits
and queries that are created in the Report module administration will be listed when creating a new report. You wi... to create a data source, which can be done in the administration section of the Report module. {{:adminhelp:quot... otesadministration:20.png|}} ===== Report Module Administration Section ===== Create new data source When you click **Administration>Data Source**, the list of all data sources (table/query/view) is displayed.
Discounts/Multipliers: 4 Hits
nts/Multipliers ====== Multiplier and discount administration allow discounting when a quote is created. In add... rsideinformation:approvalprocess|Approval Process Administration]]) is initiated. \\ <note>Default Value is only... value.</note> \\ The Discounts and Multipliers administration can be accessed through the **Discounts/Multiplie... bels for each criteria can be changed in Priority Administration. So label names may be different from what is dis
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