Customer Administration Execution Workflow

- The supplied username and password are checked for security reasons, if check fails, the API call will fail.
- If required action is Update, AddOrUpdate or Delete the node SearchFields is deserialized.
- If a number of provided customers exceeds allowed value - 50, the API call will fail.
- Customer nodes are one by one deserialized from input XML.
- Depending on the requested API action, the search of existing customers is performed, or the deserialized customer is being added (saved) in CPQ DB without search.
- If required action is Delete, Update or AddOrUpdate the search is performed in CPQ for customer. Search rules are described later.
- If search returns more than one customer, the search will be considered as failed: Delete, Update or AddOrUpdate action will fail for current customer and error XML will be generated and added to result XML, and the next customer will be deserialized from input xml. However, if action is Add, the search won't be performed, and new customer will be created using the provided data.
- If search doesn’t return any value, AddOrUpdate action will be treated as Add action, but Delete and Update will fail for current customer, and error XML will be added to result XML, and the next customer will be deserialized from input XML.
- If search returns only one customer record, desired action will be executed. If it is a Delete action, and for some reason deleting of current customer is impossible (it is already assigned to a quote, for example), the customer will be inactivated, so it can't be inserted in existing or new quotes. It will still, however, stay assigned to the quotes he was assigned to.
- If action is Add, and one of required fields is missing, deserialization for current customer will fail, and its input XML will be included in API call results. Newly added customers are assumed to be “active”, if “active” node is not supplied.
- If action is AddOrUpdate or Update, after all input XML nodes are reflected to existing customer, if it turns out that some customer's fields are now blank that are required (either if you erased them in this API call, or If they were not populated in the first place since the customer is created), the action will fail for existing customer, and its input XML will be added to error XML. The API call will move on to next customer node.
- If action is Add, Customer's Id node (which should represent customer's ID from CPQ system) will be ignored: he will be given its new, unique CPQ ID.
- When the required action is performed for all provided customers, the result XML will be returned.

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