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 +====== Get Cart Properties – Output Parameters ======
 +^**Tag**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^
 +|Result|XML|This function will generate XML document as result of the performed actions|Yes|Result is always generated|
 +===== Output XML definition =====
 +^**Element Name**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^
 +|Result|  |  |Y|  |
 +|Status|String (50)|NOK|N|Appears if an error has occurred (invalid login, unknown cart…)|
 +|Message|String(1000)|Error message|N|Only if NOK Status It holds error description  |
 +|Properties|  |  |N|Only if OK Node that contains all required properties |
 +|Property|  |  |N|Only if OK Node that contains info about one of required properties.  |
 +|StrongName|String(100)|String name of the property|Y|Name that identifies a property system wide.|
 +|Label|String(100)|Label of the property|Y|Label that describes a property.|
 +|Value|String(2000)|Value of the property|Y|  |
 +|Status|String (50)|NOK|N|Appears in Property tag if supplied strong name is not recognized.|
 +|Message|String(1000)|Error message|N|Only if NOK It holds error description: "Unknown strong name" |
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