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Application Parameters: 20 Hits
 ====== Application Parameters ====== The Application Parameters section provides settings that affect how... ccess these parameters, go to **Setup > General > Application Parameters**.\\ \\ Application Parameters are sep... ing these types from the list.\\ ===== Defining Application Parameters ===== * The difference between application parameters, //Line Item Info Propagate Qty From Main Item// and //Propagate Quantity to N
CallidusCloud CPQ API: 16 Hits
formation. For example if company uses a separate application to process shipping information after an order ha... upon carts, etc...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/CPQAPI.asmx * Admin level services... users, companies...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/WsSrv.asmx ===== API EXAMPLE ===== ... o access CPQ’s API, use the following URLs: * <application root>/wsAPI/CPQAPI.asmx - this is the set of user
API for Content Upload: 14 Hits
new CPQ tenants. To turn on/off the API, use the application parameter **Enable API For Content Upload** in **Setup** > **General** > **Application Parameters** > **General Parameters**.</note> ==== Supported ... G, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JFIF and TIFF.\\ <note>The application parameter **Allowed Image Extensions** defines th
General: 9 Hits
**CPQ is integrated with** - Determines which CRM application CPQ will integrate with. The selection determines... ookup** to view all partner role types on the CRM application. More than one type can be entered. Each selectio... from CPQ. Click CRM Lookup to connect to the CRM application and select the desired record type. When clicked,... mgeneral2.jpg }} ;#;//Figure C - General//;#;\\ Application parameter **Update existing products in Salesforc
Federated Single Sign-On: 8 Hits
it can take up to 30 seconds to sign on to a web application. And that's not counting the cases when users mis... a remote Identity Provider and to access the CPQ application. The Federated Authentication using SAML can be e... d Single Sign-On. SP FSSO is initiated by the CPQ application. To utilize this, CPQ, as a SaaS application, wil... API). ===== How to Establish Federation With CPQ Application? ===== - Set up an operational Identity Provid
Adding Products to a Cart: 6 Hits
tion, or on the beging of the word(depends on how application parameter is set.\\ {{ usersideinformation:shoppi... logs in to CPQ, selected products will remain. If application parameter ‘Allow Selection of Products that will ... log will be replaced with Add to Quote button, if application parameter ‘Remain in Catalog after adding product... s and favorites. This will be controlled with new application parameters. If parameter ‘Product Search On The
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