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Informational Tags: 25 Hits
: %%<<Q_QUOTE(OWNER_ID)>>%% * CART_ID - current cart(quote) id, sample: %%<<Q_QUOTE(CART_ID)>>%% * S... lways assume CurrentItem is the first item in the cart. \\ **%%<<Q_TAG_FILE(...)>>%% - **\\ This tag ... s**, under **Setup -> Quotes** admin menu. ===== Cart Tags ===== \\ **%%<<C2...>>%% tags**\\ %%<<C2>>%% tags are used to list cart items data. These tags should be used for all cart data representatio
New Quote - Execution Flow: 24 Hits
===== New Quote - Execution Flow ====== 1) API Cart is deserialized from input XML This will brake if input XML is not valid XML\\ 2) API Cart is checked if it contains all required fields This will brake if API Cart (input XML) is missing some required filed \\ 3) New Current Cart is created – it’s empty \\ 4) Current Cart Market is set based on MarketCode field from API Cart API call wil
Using SAP CPQ: 24 Hits
eadcrumbs** at the top of the page. ===== Add to Cart/Quote ===== Once you have found the product, sel... eed to be customized before they are added to the cart.</note> If the Add to Quote** **checkbox is not... nfigure the product before it can be added to the cart. - Click **Customize **to open the configuratio... onfiguration screen. - To finish click **Add to Cart** on the left-hand side. <note>Products may hav
Other Shopping Cart Tags: 22 Hits
====== Other Shopping Cart Tags ====== ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Type Retuned **^**Example **^ |**<*CARTAMOUNT*> **|Gives total amount of the cart |Number |See below… | |**<*USERAMOUNT*> **|Gives max ... OUNT*>) – returns whether the total amount of the cart is greater than the approval amount set for the c... elow… | |**<*CARTOWNER*> **|Gives the user ID for cart’s owner. Functions the same as <*CO_INFO(ID)*>) |
Other Shopping Cart Tags: 22 Hits
====== Other Shopping Cart Tags ====== ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Type Retuned **^**Example **^ |**<*CARTAMOUNT*> **|Gives total amount of the cart |Number |See below… | |**<*USERAMOUNT*> **|Gives max ... OUNT*>) – returns whether the total amount of the cart is greater than the approval amount set for the c... elow… | |**<*CARTOWNER*> **|Gives the user ID for cart’s owner. Functions the same as <*CO_INFO(ID)*>) |
Cart and Item Actions: 18 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>26}} ====== Cart and Item Actions ====== Cart actions are displayed above and below the Main Cart Area. These actions, displayed as buttons, allow performing operations such as Place Order,... Edit, Refresh, or View each product added to the cart. \\ ===== Copy Cart Action ===== User can copy the cart while in the process of editing the cart, and not only from load quote page. Like any othe
Shopping Cart/Quote: 18 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>26}} ====== Shopping Cart/Quote ====== In CPQ, configured products are added to the Shopping Cart (also referred to as Quote). Quote displays a lot of information regarding products added t... three sections: **Tabs**, **Actions**, and **Main Cart Area**. \\ \\ The **Tabs area** is displayed at t... allow users to add additional information for the cart, such as the customer information and custom info
Application Parameters: 18 Hits
**Product Catalog**, **Configurator**, **Shopping Cart and Quotes**, and **Bulletin Board**. \\ {{:admin... prompting arrows (catalog, configurator, shopping cart, document generation)**: indicates whether breadc... User’s trail pop up in the Catalog, Configurator, Cart and document generation. Users can click each ite... s whether SAP CPQ displays a small orange-colored cart icon in the Summary window when a product is alre
Creating Word Quote Templates: 15 Hits
the template will also include the items from the cart. This, along with any other information, can be ... mplate tag which retrieves the total price of the cart when the quotation is generated. \\ Expressions ... n that will be pulled from the Quote. C tags are Cart tags and can only be used within a C2 repeatable ... T tags are Special Tags that may fall outside the Cart or Quote tags. The Q and ST tags can be used any
figurations ===== Supported Features ===== **In Cart** * Partial Ordering * Reverse Search ... clock icon. {{:rvo.png|}} {{:rvo_rd.png|}} **Cart** * Quick **Add Products** function: in CD y... ve been expanded to include more features ===== Cart item custom field localization ===== \\ In respo... * Choose language that you want to translate a cart item custom field * Add new dictionary key by c
New Quote - Input Parameters: 12 Hits
rname element| |Owner|String (50)|Username of the cart owner.|Yes|If not provided, Username will be the owner of the cart| |XML|XML|XML Object|Yes|XML structure is shown below| ===== Data Definition for ... values: True, False, 1, 0| | | | |CartComment|Cart Comment| |Text|1000| |PromoCode|Promo code| |Te... ue|Attribute value|SN1234|Text|50| |Property/Name|Cart custom field (property) name|Project Code|Text|50
Approval for Product Options (Attribute): 12 Hits
• Setting up product attribute\\ • Creating a new cart level aggregate which checks for that attribute \\ • Creating new approval rule which uses the Cart Level Aggregate GI in approval rule \\ **Step 1:... lete field, this enables items to be added to the cart.**\\ ;#;{{:bestpractices:workflowapprovals:produ... ions_message_page.png|}};#; **Step 2: Create a Cart Level aggregate** \\ This step is required to cre
Product Attributes: 12 Hits
checked, the Attribute will show up in the Quote/Cart separate from the Product being configured, or ba... will be displayed as a separate line item in the cart/quote. \\ {{ Wiki::productattributesb4.png }} ... use the attribute’s line item description in the cart. This is because the system cannot distinguish w... item it should display the description for in the cart when multiple items are selected. Because of thi
Handling Quantities: 11 Hits
d to control the quantity of the main item in the cart. The system looks specifically for the attribute ... ng schemes are attached to it, then prices in the cart will be affected also. There are a few different... eir quantity, which will then be reflected in the cart. In this situation you would likely not allow th... sers to edit the quantity of the main item in the cart. Quantity for the product would be handled withi
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