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CTX Tags for Quote 2.0: 84 Hits
.State() * Global.Tax.Country() * Container().Column().GetPermission * Container().Column().SetPermi... .UniqueValues().Separator() * Container().Row().Column().Get * Container().Row().Column().Get.DateInUserFormat * Container().Row().Column().Get.Format() * Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays() * Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays().Format() * Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays().InU
Custom Table Web Method - Input Parameters: 80 Hits
faultSize ^Nullable ^ |ColumnName|The name of the column from specified table. Only alphanumeric signs are... e|text|50| |false| |ColumnSize|Size for specified column| | |DbType|Type for specified column|SecondName|... ^Field Name^Description^Sample Data^Type^Size^ |Column|The name of the column from specified table. Only... ns are allowed. White spaces aren’t allowed. This column can have an attribute **key**. It is used in **UP
Attribute Container: 68 Hits
n. Each cell can have some value according to its column definition.\\ {{ productadministration:pattribut... mns through attribute administration. By defining column you define next: * column name * whether the column is a stand alone or an attribute * display type - label, text box, check box, drop down list, list box... * column total (optional)\\ Column total can be defined as: * sum of its valu
Complete Tag List: 48 Hits
.Tax.State()\\ Global.Tax.Country()\\ Container().Column().GetPermission\\ Container().Column().SetPermiss... ().UniqueValues().Separator()\\ Container().Row().Column().Get\\ Container().Row().Column().Get.DateInUserFormat\\ Container().Row().Column().Get.Format()\\ Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays()\\ Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays().Format()\\ Container().Row().Column().Get.AddDays().InUSDateForma
XML example - DELETE: 37 Hits
t OnError="IGNORE" Report="ALL"> <Columns> <Column>PartNumber</Column> <Column>PriceCode</Column> <Column>Price</Column> <Column>Cost</Column> <Column>RecurringPrice</Column> <Column>RecurringCost</Column> <Column>ValidFrom</Column> <Column>ValidUntil</Column> <Column>PriceDescription</Column> <Column>Delete</Column> </Columns> <Rows> <Row> <Value>
XML example - UPDATE: 37 Hits
t OnError="IGNORE" Report="ALL"> <Columns> <Column>PartNumber</Column> <Column>PriceCode</Column> <Column>Price</Column> <Column>Cost</Column> <Column>RecurringPrice</Column> <Column>RecurringCost</Column> <Column>ValidFrom</Column> <Column>ValidUntil</Column> <Column>PriceDescription</Column> <Column>Delete</Column> </Columns> <Rows> <Row> <Value>
XML example - INSERT: 37 Hits
t OnError="IGNORE" Report="ALL"> <Columns> <Column>PartNumber</Column> <Column>PriceCode</Column> <Column>Price</Column> <Column>Cost</Column> <Column>RecurringPrice</Column> <Column>RecurringCost</Column> <Column>ValidFrom</Column> <Column>ValidUntil</Column> <Column>PriceDescription</Column> <Column>Delete</Column> </Columns> <Rows> <Row> <Value>
Custom Table Administration - Output Parameters: 36 Hits
le creation failed. The reason of failure is that column names contain blank spaces. \\ <code XML> <?xml ... ode>xxxxxxx</ErrorCode> <Description> Column names containing blank spaces </Description> ... succeded</Message> <Root> <Columns> <Column>CpqTableEntryId</Column> <Column>AccountId</Column> <Column>FirstName</Column> <Column>SecondName</Column> </Columns> <Rows
New Quote - Input Parameters: 35 Hits
et to transfer from parent to child via container column. Attribute is set to be propagated from parent to... <Columns> <Column> <Name>Test1</Name> ... alue>12312321</Value> </Column> <Column> ... entium 3.0GHz</Value> </Column> </Columns>
Upsert API Method for pricebook: 33 Hits
used. If part number is empty, error “Part Number Column empty” will be sent as error for this row. * If... e is 0 or empty:Row will be created/updated as if column Delete was not sent * Depending on Root node at... numeric values are sent for price or “Part Number Column empty” – if row is missing part number. * Maxim... to pricebook. Columns must be defined first. Only column PartNumber is required. Other columns are optiona
Column Headings: 29 Hits
====== Column Headings ====== The Column Headings administrative section allows CPQ administrators to c... splayed to users on the Existing Quotes page. The column headings can be defined per user type and the columns can be ordered. Available column headings can include quote information, customer information, ... stration:0._allquotesother.jpg }} ;#;//Figure A - Column Headings, User side//;#; \\ The **Column Heading
Table Tag Builder: 29 Hits
ending, Descending or not sorted at all. Only the column that contains results can be sorted. When match u... r is used, then sorting is first performed by the column that is used in condition, and then by resulting column. \\ ===== Conditions ===== \\ Fetching data from SQL tables would be quite useless if you ... . Typical condition is defined by the name of the column being tested, and by the matching criteria. Typic
e choices – with each choice followed by its sort column – and the Result columns representing the final o... sult of making choices. Remember that each Source column will have its own sort column. * Open the ... tom Table //(Figure 3)// and then click **Add New Column** to add columns to the table //(Figure 4)//. Fil... rce and Result columns and define a name for each column and type of it's data (numerical, textual etc.).
Input XML Example for UPDATEROWS action: 21 Hits
action ===== <code XML> <Root> <Columns> <Column>PartNumber</Column> <Column>PriceCode</Column> <Column>Price</Column> <Column>Cost</Column> <Column>RecurringPrice</Column> <Column>RecurringCost</Column> <Column>PriceDescription</Column> <Column>ValidFrom</Column> <Column>ValidUntil</Column> <Column>CpqTableEntryId</Column> </Columns> <Rows> <Row>
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