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Product Nesting: 59 Hits
tions within configurations. This type of product configuration structure can be setup with unlimited levels of nesting. The configuration that references other configurations is referred to as the parent product or configuration. While the configurations that are being referenced are referred to as child product or configuration. For example, the user may enter the configuration of a server rack, which r
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Product Configuration: 33 Hits
====== Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Product Configuration ====== <note>SAP Product Configuration onboarding and ... 5237e804d06b4ef4a945ec330c189c4c.html|SAP Product Configuration administration guide}}.</note> <note>To exchange variant configuration and pricing data between cloud solution SAP CPQ and the licensee’s local on-premise SAP ERP back end, the SAP Product Configuration provider also comprises SDI Data Provisioning Age
Configuring a Product: 26 Hits
ing the product’s image or name will bring up the configuration screen. Once entering the configuration screen, n... a Product//;#; \\ There are four sections on the configuration screen: Tabs, Configuration area, Responder, and... the Link area. Each section plays a role in the configuration process. \\ **Tab Area - ** Is displayed at the top of the configuration screen. Tabs are used to logically bundle product attributes. This guides u
Product Display Types: 24 Hits
e the **Simple Product** display type requires no configuration in order to be added to a quote. The **Configura... oduct** display type, on the other hand, requires configuration before being able to add it to a quote, and it ca... der to be added to a quote. Because of this, the Configuration Layout and Rules tabs are both inactive when the ... enforced between them. See [[tutorials:adminside:configuration|]] for more information. The Configuration Layou
Application Parameters: 17 Hits
s at once in the Quote. When set to **FAST**, the configuration state is unknown and assumed to be incomplete, so... arch results are shown, if Guided Selling Product configuration applied to a catalogue product makes it complete,... t is shown in the responder.\\ * **Show product configuration template**: defines whether SAP CPQ displays the product configuration template in the Configurator.\\ * **Show Attribute Prices within Configur
Rules Admin: 16 Hits
====== Rules allow creating limitations for the configuration of the product. This ensures that the user is only able to create an accurate and valid configuration of the product. Though not quite as user friendl... or how the rule fits in with other rules and the configuration of the product. \\ The **Condition **field is us... me, that is at the moment the user runs a product configuration. The syntax of Enovia rules will be checked at th
Attribute Container: 14 Hits
here attributes need to be dynamically added to a configuration, the administrator is now able to use attribute c... be added and deleted in rules or manually during configuration. Each cell can have some value according to its c... n//" both as text box stand alone columns. During configuration you can enter a value in each row for both column... some of attributes used in those products. During configuration of such container each row will be a product, and
New Quote Details: 13 Hits
written in this node will be applied to the main configuration item. · Additional configuration items will h... oduct’s model administration the quantity of main configuration item is set up to be applied to additional configuration items, the value of this node will be multiplied with default quantities for additional configuration items. **\\ ** **n**** ****<CatalogueCode>** · This is required field. · CPQ wi
Product Definition Tab: 12 Hits
uct rules are executed only one and Allow product configuration import: ;#;{{adminhelp:productadministration:pro... etails templates). By clicking on “Allow product configuration import” checkbox, you can enable users to mass upload configuration by uploading file into product configuration. **Admin side** The administrator... d be written in order to upload file into product configuration. When ”Allow product configuration import” is che
SAP Variant Configuration Integration: 11 Hits
====== SAP Variant Configuration Integration ====== The SAP CPQ – SAP Variant Configuration (VC) integration unit... ons for sales representatives.\\ The SAP Variant Configuration integration is provided by {{ SAP_PRODUCT_CONFIGURATION/Cloud/en-US|SAP Product Configuration}}’s configuration and pricing services. Please re... nt_configuration_integration_overview|SAP Variant Configuration Integration Overview]] for more details.\\ The f
SAP Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 11 Hits
====== SAP Variant Configuration Integration Overview ====== A typical integration landscape is shown in the imag... via synchronization with SAP ERP and SAP Product Configuration are marked with a SAP icon next to their name in ... s by using the drag-and-drop functionality of the configuration layout in SAP CPQ.\\ Additionally, prices for ... s or parent-child products by calling SAP Product Configuration to get attribute name, description and value. As
Pricing Dynamic Part Numbers and Attributes: 10 Hits
k, and **parameter 1** is **turned on**, although configuration is complete and user won’t be able to add that configuration to cart (Figure 1), explanation will be given in responder, and price for product will b... rice book, and **parameter 1** is **turned off**, configuration is complete and user can add that configuration t... k, and **parameter 2** is **turned on**, although configuration is complete user won’t be able to add that config
Product Configuration Templates: 9 Hits
====== Product Configuration Templates ====== Product Configuration Templates allow users a lot of flexibility in customizing the layout of the configuration screen. There are templates available to modifying th... rator, responder, tabs, steps, and page. Product Configuration Templates administration can be accessed by selecting the **Product Configuration Templates** link under the **UI Design **drop down. From here user
Product Data Tags: 9 Hits
uctCode*> **|Gives the part number of the current configuration |String/Number Depends on what the part number co... e system | |**<*PRODUCTDEFINED*> **|Gives whether configuration is complete on a product or not |True/False |[IF]... tribute to Active when the product has a complete configuration | |**<*Price(*)*> **|Gives the sum of all prices ... *<*TotalPrice*> **|Gives the price of the current configuration. This includes items designated as separate line
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