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</Shipping> </Shippings> <Customers> <Customer CustomerRoleType="1" Editable="1" Visible="0" Req... le="1" Visible="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="Customer Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" Fiel... "4" ActionName="Lookup" /> </Actions> </Customer> <Customer CustomerRoleType="2" Editable="1" ... le="1" Visible="1" Required="0" FieldDisplayName="Customer Id" FieldDisplayType="" FieldDisplaySize="0" Fiel
Entering Customer Information: 46 Hits
====== Entering Customer Information ====== ===== Populate customer roles===== Customer information can be entered through the **Customer Info** tab. Depending on how your company has it set up, there are three roles in which customer information can be entered: **Bill To**, **Ship To**, and **End User**... can be entered the same way for all three roles. Customer information can be entered by adding a new custom
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====== Customer Custom Fields ====== Each CPQ Customer address fields (Bill To, Ship To, End User) contains some standard fields which hold customer information. First Name, Last Name, Address and Company are some of these standard customer fields. If there is need, administrators can add one or more custom fields to Customer Roles. This is being done from CPQ Admin -> Customers/Customer Roles -> **Cust
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Value\\ Quote.CustomField().AttrValueCode\\ Quote.Customer().CustomerId\\ Quote.Customer().ShopCartId\\ Quote.Customer().UserId\\ Quote.Customer().CustomerCode\\ Quote.Customer().CRMAccountId\\ Quote.Customer().CRMContactId\\ Quote.Customer().DirtyFlag\\ Quote.Customer().RevisionNumber\\ Quote.Customer().FirstName\\ Quote.Customer().LastName\\ Quote.Customer().Company\\ Quote.Customer().Address1\\ Quote.C
CTX Tags for Quote 2.0: 36 Hits
omField().InUserTimezone.InUSDateFormat * Quote.Customer().CustomerId * Quote.Customer().QuoteId * Quote.Customer().UserId * Quote.Customer().FirstName * Quote.Customer().LastName * Quote.Customer().Company * Quote.Customer().Address1 * Quote.Customer().Address2 * Quote.Customer().City * Quote.Customer().StateAbbrev * Quote.Customer().ZipCode * Quote.Customer().CountryAbbrev * Qu
Contract Pricing/Discounting: 23 Hits
ract/special prices for some products for certain customer(s). Use cases include:\\ Use Case 1. Contractual/... ems (Used when discount must be shown on quote to customer)\\ For both use cases, the prices are setup using... ct/special pricing process, first make sure the **customer required** checkbox field is **checked**. When th... o an empty Cart/Quote. From there, they can enter customer information. A product can then be configured whe
Customer Role Defaults: 23 Hits
====== Customer Role Defaults ====== The **Customer Role Default** administrative section allows users to define whether or not customer role fields are filled with user’s information or a user’s company information. Pre-populating customer role fields with data can be helpful in many instances. For e... channel reps often user themselves in the Bill To customer role and the customer’s name in the Ship To or En
Customer Administration Execution Workflow: 21 Hits
====== Customer Administration Execution Workflow ====== - The supplied username and password are check... wed value - 50, the API call will fail. \\ - Customer nodes are one by one deserialized from input XML.... sting customers is performed, or the deserialized customer is being added (saved) in CPQ DB without search. ... or AddOrUpdate the search is performed in CPQ for customer. Search rules are described later. \\ - If s
User Types: 20 Hits
w Quote**: an empty quote. \\ - **New Quote** – **Customer Tab** – the **Customer Info** tab of an empty quo... page. \\ - **When creating a new quote, require customer to be selected first**: determines whether users will be redirected to fill out customer information first when creating a new quote. \\ - **Show pri... Types**. * **When creating a new quote, require customer to be selected first** - toggle switch in **Users
Global Customer Visibility: 20 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>1005}} ====== Global Customer Visibility ====== Customers in the CPQ are divided into 2 are... to see global customers are defined in the Global Customer Visibility admin section. This section can be ac... cessed by clicking the link under the **Customers/Customer Roles** admin menu //(Figure 1)//. This displays ... tomersadministration:prvag.png|}} \\ The Global Customer Visibility administration screen shows the parame
Local Customer Visibility: 19 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>1004}} ====== Local Customer Visibility ====== Customers in the CPQ are divided into 2 area... ese customers, though. \\ Rules that allow local customer sharing are defined in the Local Customer Visibil... cessed by clicking the link under the **Customers/Customer Roles** admin menu. This displays a list of all ... ustomersadministration:prva.png|}} \\ The Local Customer Visibility administration screen shows the parame
Customer Field Permissions: 19 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>1001}} ====== Customer Field Permissions ====== The **Customer Field Permissions** administ... section allows users to define how the fields in customer roles will be displayed to the user. Permissions ... The following permissions can be defined for each customer role field: * **Hidden** - This is used for t... are displayed with a red asterisk. If user has a customer role set as required in the **Required Fields by
Application Parameters: 17 Hits
de number in the **Bill To Details** table on the Customer Info page in order to save the page. When set to ... ata**: determines whether Users can modify global customer data. When set to **NO**, only administrators can... method.\\ * **When Creating Quotes through API, customer roles are required**: defines whether Users creating Quotes through API have to include customer roles.\\ * **When Creating Quotes through API, do
Customer Searching Rules: 16 Hits
====== Customer Searching Rules ====== There are two scenarios for performing the search. \\ 1. There are ... ave priority successively. If ID is provided, the customer will be searched by CPQ ID, and External ID will ... ps and Tutorials ===== 1. Currently, the CPQ API Customer Administration does not support having more than ... fied in the search section must be added for each customer in the xml file respective to their custom field
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