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Promotions: 24 Hits
h have two tabs – //“Definition”// and //“Pricing Details”//. (See Figure 1.2) \\ \\ {{ :adminhelp:pricingc... out the form, click on save and go to //“Pricing Details”// tab. \\ \\ Under this tab, you should select p... ooks:1.3.png }} ;#; //Figure 1.3 – Define pricing details//;#; \\ You can select a discounted product by ty... If you click on the banner, pop up with promotion details is displayed. On Figure 1.5 you can see promotion
SAP Cloud for Customer Integration Setup on the SAP CPQ Side: 13 Hits
*Hana Cloud Platform Integration - Authentication details**, specify the following: \\ - **Authentication m... toggle switch is enabled, SAP CPQ sends customer details such as bill-to, ship-to and end user details, to... - In **SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service API Details**, enter the following: \\ - **REST API base URL ... tenant. \\ - **Endpoint that gets SAP object data details**: a relative endpoint address of the SAP Cloud P
Product Details Templates: 11 Hits
====== Product Details Templates ====== ===== Overview ===== Product Details Templates allows designing the product details page in a very flexible, yet easy way by dragging and dropping various elements to... in the catalog when they click on products 'View Details' link. Templates may contain information about pr... ok widgets etc. ===== How to set up===== Product Details Templates administration can be accessed by selec
Products to Product Details Templates Mappings: 9 Hits
====== Products to Product Details Templates Mappings ====== Products to Product Details Templates Mapping... dminhelp:uidesign:productdetailstemplates|Product Details template]] will be used. Templates Mappings admin... e accessed by selecting the **Products to Product Details Templates Mappings** link under the **UI Design**... up the mapping, the user will be able to see the details by clicking **View Details** in the catalog. It i
Application Parameters: 9 Hits
P CPQ filters products. * **Do not email login details to users created by admin**: defines whether a ne... Q admin receives an email notification with login details. * **Default login remember preference**: defines which User login details are remembered. * **In Reverse Search, Sort Attributes Values By**:... ing price and cost fields are displayed. For more details, see the [[adminhelp:pricingcalculations:recurrin
Social Networks in Product Pages: 9 Hits
clude Facebook product review widget into product details page. This will facilitate product reviews, engag... ow Facebook product review widget in your product details page, you need first to define the product details template. For information how to do that, please see [[adminhelp:uidesign:productdetailstemplates]... u've just created. When defining/editing product details template, in order to use Facebook widget, expand
What to delete vs. not delete: 9 Hits
tire spreadsheet and returns the status. For more details on product import, see chapter on [[adminhelp:pro... gory. This opens up the Categories page. For more details, see chapter on [[adminhelp:productadministration... using Attribute, "ItemQuantity"// ;#; For more details on attributes(see the chapter on [[adminhelp:prod... ;#;//Figure A - Product Types List//;#; For more details on product types(see chapter on [[adminhelp:produ
Developer Console: 8 Hits
ates that the action is somehow erroneous. To see details of an action, click on the action's row, and all the details will be displayed within [[usersideinformation:eventloganddeveloperconsole:developerconsole#Trace]].\\ == Performance Details == The **Performance details** dialog box provides a more deta... mance of a particular action. To view performance details of an action, click {{:usersideinformation:eventl
Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side: 7 Hits
*Hana Cloud Platform Integration - Authentication details**, specify the following: - **Authentication ... toggle switch so that SAP CPQ could send customer details such as bill-to and ship-to, together with the qu... - In **SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service API Details**, enter the following: - **REST API base UR... enant. - **Endpoint that gets SAP object data details**: a relative endpoint address of the SAP Cloud P
One-click Approval HTML Email Template: 7 Hits
vw; } .content-wrapper { display: block; } .quote-details{ margin:0; } .blue, .red { display: block; width:... tomer: </td> <td class="dynamic"> <p class="quote-details"> <*CTX( Quote.Customer(BillTo).Company )*> </p> ... untry: </td> <td class="dynamic"> <p class="quote-details"> <*CTX( Quote.Customer(BillTo).Country )*> </p> ... Email: </td> <td class="dynamic"> <p class="quote-details"> <*CTX( Quote.Customer(BillTo).Email )*> </p> </
Customers Export/Import: 6 Hits
* download a sample template > fill out customer details > import the file. * export all customers in SAP CPQ. * export all customers > change details and add new customers > import the file. ===== Samp... fields which you can fill out with new customers' details.\\ The same fields are mandatory when creating gl... the sample template. To update existing customer details, you need to export them from the system, change
Entering Customer Information: 6 Hits
d and pressing the Tab or Enter key. \\ Customer details such as address, phone number, email, etc. are automatically hidden. These details can be seen by expanding the **View Details** pane included for that role. Also, customer details can be seen for all roles by clicking the **View All Details** link... ’s information to other roles. Expanding the View Details pane for a role will display a box containing the
User Page: 6 Hits
ct **User Page** in the menu. You can change user details, personal details and modify the password in the dedicated tabs. ===== User Details ===== In User details, you set default values and manage dates. T... final.png?700}}\\ All the fields from the **User details** page are listed and described in the table belo... t sent to the logged user. ===== Modify Personal Details ===== This page lets you can change your personal
Document Generation: 5 Hits
ocument Generation allows users to transfer quote details to documents that can be printed, downloaded and ... templates with tags that retrieve specific quote details. Users, on their side, can generate documents bas... sers create a quote, they often need to email the details to customers for further review. The Document Gen... emplate. Each tag can retrieve any specific quote details, configuration, customer or user-related informat
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