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. It will always assume CurrentItem is the first item in the cart. \\ **%%<<Q_TAG_FILE(...)>>%% - **\\... h %%<<C2>>%%. If %%<<C2>>%% does not return any item, nothing will be displayed. This prevent C2 he... d. === <<C2>> tag === %%<<C2>>%% represents cart item data. It has to start with %%<<C2>>%% and end wit... >>%%\\ %%<<MAIN>>%%\\ Repeat once for each main item.\\ %%<<C_STOP>>%%\\ %%<<MAIN_END>>%%\\ %%<<LI>
Alternative and Variant Configurations: 40 Hits
pping Cart and Quotes** tab set: \\ - **Display Item Type column** parameter to value : //"TRUE"// \\ ... **Show optional items** parameter to value: //"In Item Type column (main and line items)"// or //"In Item Type column (only main items)"// ==== Setup for the Responsive Design ==== \\ 1. Go to ** Setup*... e editable group. <note> It is important to make item alternative/variant options available only on mai
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====== Quote item custom fields ====== Custom fields on quote items are enabled so those are able to ho... different types. Users are able to edit values of item custom fields in the quote.When admin adds new (o... existing) custom field, she is able to administer item custom field: * **Name**- This field is requir... owser. Consequently, you can use the hidden quote item custom field for processing in responsive templat
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art and document generation. Users can click each item on the breadcrumbs trail to jump back and forth. ... Catalog is visible.\\ * **When users press 'Add Item' in quote, it will take them to the top catalog c... o the root catalog category when they click **Add Item** in the Quote. When set to **FALSE**, Users are ... th of the responder.\\ * **Request Transfer to Item in Configurator**: determines whether items are t
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ribute Values are discussed later. **List As Line Item** – If checked, the Attribute will show up in the... ed attribute will be displayed as a separate line item in the cart/quote. \\ {{ Wiki::productattributes... such as Checkbox cannot use the attribute’s line item description in the cart. This is because the system cannot distinguish which item it should display the description for in the cart when multiple it
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within each level can also be set to list as line item. These line items will be shown appropriately on... ds, remember to set the attribute to List as Line Item in order to see the simple product values in the ... Product Attributes/Options tab. The List as Line Item option needs to be selected for the attribute in ... s_from_product_to_container|]]. ===== Quote Line Item Enumeration ===== When more than 2 levels of pro
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tunity name|"TEST OPPORTUNITY"|Text|250| |**Items/Item**|**Item node**||| |Quantity|Item Quantity|1|Text... iver +, type 1|Text|255| |ItemPrice|Price per one item|100|Text|10| |**Items/Item/Attributes/Attribute**... rtunity</OpportunityName> </Crm> <Items> <Item> <Quantity>1</Quantity> <ProductName>... e> </Attribute> </Attributes> </Item> <Item> <Quantity>2</Quantity> <P
Recurring rolled-up fields: 14 Hits
ent, rolled-up recurring net difference from base item, rolled-up recurring end customer unit price and ... stomer extended price). Rolled up fields for main item are calculated as summary of all items’ field amo... nt is 40% and min discount percent is 5% for main item.\\ Max discount percent is 20% and min discount percent is 5% for line item.\\ Rolled-up recurring gross margin is 33.33.\\ User edit rolled-up recur
le actions, displayed horizontally, is the second item from the top. In RD, the list is located on the ... nd side of the table, while in RD it is the first item on the left-hand side. {{ en expanded to include more features ===== Cart item custom field localization ===== \\ In responsive... Choose language that you want to translate a cart item custom field * Add new dictionary key by clicki
ot present in input XML or is empty. ===== Line Item in Product Attribute ===== To enable users to check the Line Item flag in Product Attribute,// Figure 10//, you should add a new child node, <IsLine... inistration:lineitem.png|}} \\ //Figure 10 - Line Item// Supported values include the following: 1 for ... the following error message: “Value in Node LINE ITEM is not supported” * If this Node has a value
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tion ===== ==== How to handle quantity for Main item/Product ===== === Use Case 1: ItemQuantity for Main Item Quantity === A special attribute added to a products configuration named **ItemQuantity*... * can be used to control the quantity of the main item in the cart. The system looks specifically for th... emQuantity**. This will not only control the main item, but if any pricing schemes are attached to it, t
CRM Item Mappings: 13 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>95}} ====== CRM Item Mappings ====== CRM Item Mappings is used to transfer the Quote item level information from CPQ to SFDC when the Create/Update Opportunity action is executed. To acce... section, click **CRM Integration Setup** » **CRM Item Mappings**. Two tabs are available on the CRM I... to standard SFDC objects. It defines which quote item level fields will be sent to SFDC when executing
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PQ OrderID|No| | |ItemObjects|XML|Object passing Item(s) Data|Yes|The Items Object XML structure is sho... ect| |There will be one ItemObject node for each Item on the order function. Password is defined in CP... e 3 <ItemObject> nodes | |ItemID|Number (5)|Order Item Number|Yes|| |ItemDetail|String (255)|There will be one ItemDetail node for each qty for the Item |Yes|If the Item qty is 5, there will be 5 <ItemD
Cart Level Aggregates: 12 Hits
stored at cart level and are common for each main item/product configuration in the cart. Global variabl... formula. This formula is evaluated for each main item in the cart. The evaluated formula is then conver... ic value, the aggregate value for that particular item is set to be zero. CPQ will implicitly multiply each formula with the quantity of the item.The final value of an aggregate is assigned to a Global Va
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