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CTX Tags for Quote 2.0: 3584 Hits
====== CTX Tags for Quote 2.0 ====== These CTX tags can be used in Quote 2.0: * Quote.InProject * Quote.CurrentItem.AttributeRank * Quote.CurrentItem.AttributeSubRank * Quote.CurrentItem.IsMainItem * Quote.CurrentItem.IsChildItem * Quote.CurrentItem.SystemID * Quote.CurrentItem.IsAlternative * Quote.CurrentItem.IsVariant * Quote.CurrentItem.RolledUpEndCustomerUnitPrice * Quote.Curre
Complete Tag List: 1652 Hits
====== Complete Tag List ====== Quote.InProject\\ Quote.CurrentItem.AttributeRank\\ Quote.CurrentItem.AttributeSubRank\\ Quote.CurrentItem.IsMainItem\\ Quote.CurrentItem.IsChildItem\\ Quote.CurrentItem.SystemID\\ Quote.CurrentItem.IsAlternative\\ Quote.CurrentItem.IsVariant\\ Quote.CurrentItem.RolledUpEndCustomerUnitPrice\\ Quote.CurrentItem.RolledUpEndCustomerUnitPrice.DefaultDisplay\\ Quote.Current
Application Parameters: 122 Hits
ive revisions as well. * **Admin to receive PDA quote link**: determines whether administrators receive... cation containing a list of all approvers for the Quote and their PDA approval links. * **Enable Respon... tion. * **Users can only select project for the quote, not create new project**: determines whether Use... rogress information to users when adding items to quote**: defines whether Users receive a report on thei
Informational Tags: 74 Hits
====== Informational Tags ====== ===== Quote Tags <<Q_QUOTE(...)>> ===== Replaces the tag with quote ... mber, sample: %%<<Q_QUOTE(NUMBER)>>%% * TOTAL - quote total amount, sample: %%<<Q_QUOTE(TOTAL)>>%% * TOTALNET - quote total net price, sample: %%<<Q_QUOTE(TOTALNET)>>%% * BASE_TOTALNET - total net pr... %%<<Q_QUOTE(FREIGHT)>>%% * DATE_CREATED - Date quote was created, sample: %%<<Q_QUOTE(DATE_CREATED)>>%
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 64 Hits
thin the SFDC environment as well as populate the quote back into the SFDC sales opportunity. If you hav... ou need to create a custom object in SFDC for the quote Prerequisites *Log into the SFDC site. ... ps setup //;#; ==== Step 1: Create custom object "Quote" ==== * Click on **Setup** link at the top righ... ds with the data below. * in **App** filed type Quote * in **Label** field type Quote * in **Plural
Adding Products to a Cart: 56 Hits
=== Adding Products to a Cart ====== To create a quote, generally user will find a product by navigating... uick search, then configuring it and adding it to quote. Once one product is added to cart, it is possibl... y,user can there configure the product and add to quote. Both the original product and the newly configured product will be included in the quote. \\ Alternatively to using the Add Item action, user can a
Scripting: 50 Hits
r scripts at a precise time:\\ - **Every time quote is changed** - after each change on the quote that affects the **Date Modified** field.\\ - **Quote creation/edit**\\ - **Quote creation** - immediately after a quote is created.\\ - **Quote edit** - after the action **Edit quote** is executed.\\ - **After adding products to quote**\\ - **After adding products to quote** - ea
Quote item custom fields: 45 Hits
====== Quote item custom fields ====== Custom fields on quote items are enabled so those are able to hol... able to edit values of item custom fields in the quote. When administrators add new (or edits existing) ... elds with Date type will be saved in the same way quote custom fields that are dates are saved (in defaul... andard SAP CPQ tags. * **Display summary in the quote**- Default value is FALSE. * **Always include i
Approval Rules: 44 Hits
he doesn't allow users to put the discount on the quote amount in excess of 10%. This menu section uses to set up approval process, as well as quote workflow. Approvals and workflow are two things that are... for managing the approval status for a particular quote in approval process. Therefore, the approver usua... ver as of a „manager” whose job is to decide if a quote is „valid” or „invalid” in some way. The approver
Load Existing Quotes: 43 Hits
n>22}} ====== Load Existing Quotes ====== Once a quote has been created, user can view and perform actions on it in the load quote section. The load quote section can be accessed in two ways. The most con... ersideinformation:clickablelinks.jpg|}} The load quote page displays quotes in three tabs: My Quotes, Wa... ault, visits another page, and return to the load quote page, this tab will be displayed. Once user logs
Quote Troubleshooting: 43 Hits
===== Quote Troubleshooting ===== \\ This section provides more information about common issues that may ... hopping Carts and Quotes** > **Automatically save quote on custom field change** is enabled. This paramet... ign, it is also necessary to make sure the **Save quote on change checkbox** is checked in **Setup** > **... stom Fields** > **Edit**. \\ \\ * **An editable quote item custom field is not displayed in the classic
Product Display Types: 39 Hits
quires no configuration in order to be added to a quote. The **Configurable Product** display type, on t... es configuration before being able to add it to a quote, and it can enforce any inclusion, exclusion, or ... /options to be selected in order to be added to a quote. Because of this, the Configuration Layout and R... og, simple products can be checked and added to a quote. By default they are not displayed with a custom
SAP Commerce Cloud Integration Scenarios: 36 Hits
tion//__ \\ A user (B2B customer) first creates a quote in SAP Commerce Cloud and decides to ask for a di... promotional product by entering a comment in the quote header and/or on the item level.\\ {{:adminhelp:c... oud_integration:comments_commerce.jpg?700}}\\ The quote from SAP Commerce Cloud is then sent to the [[app... Integration as an XML payload, and the **External Quote Status** custom field is set to //BUYER_SUBMITTED
Quote Layout: 36 Hits
====== Quote Layout ====== This functionality enables system administrators, and selected users, to personalize their shopping cart/quote. This functionality is available in Responsive Design only. ===== Admin Side ===== To use Quote Layout, open **Setup -> UI Design -> Quote Layout.** Once you complete this entry, a page comprising Quote Columns and Quote Sections will open up. {{:adminhelp:quot
User Types: 34 Hits
Quote 2.0: 31 Hits
Define Table: 31 Hits
Custom Fields: 28 Hits
CRM Quote: 23 Hits
CTX Tags: 22 Hits
Quote Tabs: 20 Hits
Field Mapping: 20 Hits
CTX Tags: 20 Hits
Reconfigure: 20 Hits
Copy: 19 Hits
SAP CPQ API: 17 Hits
Using SAP CPQ: 16 Hits
Limitations: 14 Hits
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Editing: 13 Hits
Promotions: 13 Hits
Reports: 12 Hits
Pricebooks: 12 Hits
Quote Tables: 12 Hits
Time Zones: 12 Hits
Favorites: 11 Hits
Notifications: 10 Hits
Favorites: 10 Hits
General: 9 Hits
CRM Objects: 9 Hits
sidebar: 7 Hits
Adding Items: 6 Hits
Guest User: 5 Hits
Cart Markets: 5 Hits
Statuses: 5 Hits
SFDC Details: 4 Hits
Tabs: 3 Hits
GI Tags: 3 Hits
Event Log: 3 Hits
GI Tags: 3 Hits
Scripts: 3 Hits
sidebar: 3 Hits
Code Builder: 3 Hits
Enablement: 3 Hits
CPQC: 2 Hits
SOD Details: 2 Hits
Scripting: 2 Hits
SOD Details: 2 Hits
Rules Admin: 1 Hits
Attributes: 1 Hits
sidebar: 1 Hits
Email Lists: 1 Hits
Customers: 1 Hits
User Page: 1 Hits
Integrations: 1 Hits
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