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{{indexmenu_n>427}} ====== Rules Admin ====== Rules allow creating limitations for the configuration of ... iendly as what Attribute Dependencies offers, the Rules section allows creating complex rules through the... reation of every rule, can help in creating these rules in a user friendly way. \\ Each rule is created ... will run. There are CPQ tags used especially for rules (and triggers, which are discussed in the [[admin
Approval Rules: 26 Hits
====== Approval Rules ====== **Approval process** is a SAP CPQ functionality that enables administrator to force users to obey a set of rules when operating with theirs quotes. For instance, administrato... ht need in approval process (I.E. Set discounting rules if you wish to treat discounts in approval rules)... not required//) - Set up one or more **Approval Rules** - Set up **Workflow** to treat Approval Rule
Parallel Approval: 23 Hits
The standard approval process has three or four rules and the moment you decide to reject one rule only... ejected regardless of the fact that two unrelated rules have been approved. This means you must repeat th... al process you can simultaneously approve several rules which are independent of one another. Once you ar... ou have ensured independence of various different rules, which are part of the same quote. To show you
Approval Rules: 18 Hits
====== Approval Rules ====== {{:adminhelp:administration:gettingstarted_konacno.png|}} Approval Rules i... the Workflow submenu that enables you to enforce rules for users operating with quotes. Let’s say you wa... city of up to 100 GB only. You can enforce these rules by assigning an approver, or a hierarchy of appro... _terms_16final.png|}} To understand the Approval Rules process, we recommend you familiarize yourself wi
Deploy / Send Changes: 14 Hits
by deselecting the checkboxes next to them: * Rules * Messages * Images and styles * Scripts ... s not been deployed yet. ===== Deploy Approval Rules ===== \\ When admin selects Approval Rule and cli... e admin is able to define details of the approval rules change: * Name (admin defines name for the cha... initions for connected environments) * Approval Rules that will be sent \\ {{ adminhelp:generalsettings
Product Attributes: 13 Hits
nter product calculations into hint fields. Write rules that perform calculations and assign result into ... while loading the product, it will be loaded and rules will be executed. After that catalog code, price,... ame section.</note> ====== Control execution of rules per attribute ====== This functionality enables ... the attributes that will trigger the execution of rules. Product rules are processed only when values of
Approval Process Administration: 13 Hits
edits his quote, and violates one of the approval rules (i.e. Exceeds discount). After clicking on "Appro... leave a comment, see who are approvers, and what rules he violated: \\ {{ workflowapprovals:approvalru... approval workflow: \\ First of all, discounting rules have to be defined, that will limit quote owner w... \ We choose "Workflow/approval", then "Approval rules" menu items to the left. Next we add new approval
Attribute Dependencies: 13 Hits
control over selected Attributes. By setting up rules, user will be allowed only to select certain Attr... d on other selections. In this way, by setting up rules, user will get a correct configuration of the pro... endencies provide a user friendly way of creating rules for accurate configurations, it does not allow fo... conditions or multiple actions. For more complex rules, the Rules administrative section will be used.
Products 2.0: 12 Hits
wing five tabs: **Definition**, **Attributes**, **Rules and Messages**, **Scripts** and **Layout**.\\ ... the **Is Required** column in the grid. ===== Rules and Messages Tab ===== Formula rules, attribute triggers, simple rules and product messages are displayed under the **Rules and Messages** tab. - Formula rules can be filtered by specific and advanced criteria. To quickly filter formula rules, ente
Manage Columns: 12 Hits
tus by default. - (Optional) Set the validation rules. \\ Read more about the quote table validation rules in the **Validation Rules** section. - Save your changes. - Repeat the previous steps to add... manage_columns_groups.png?800}}\\ ==== Validation Rules ==== Validation rules show users that data input ... is required.\\ The table shows which validation rules are available for which column types: ^**Column T
Application Parameters: 12 Hits
e system. * **Display table for simple product rules**: defines whether SAP CPQ displays a table for setting attribute dependency rules in simple product administration. * **Show Allow Option for Simple product rules**: defines whether Users have the option to allow a previously disallowed attribut... sing" //;#; \\ When set to **WITH FULL DETAIL NO RULES PARSING**, it instructs SAP CPQ to load all the d
Approval for Discount Level: 11 Hits
e total amount of the quote is too high, or other rules decided by the company have been violated. These rules can be very specific, down to a particular user and a product, or very generic such as for a p... When modeling business processes in CPQ, approval rules are used to allow users to request an approval wh... plier, signifies the condition when this discount rules will be applied. The condition defaults to a 1.
Global Customer Visibility: 9 Hits
to those users who have permissions to view them. Rules need to be written to allow users to view these customers. \\ Rules that allow users to see global customers are defined in the Global Customer Visi... . This displays a list of all existing visibility rules where they can be edited or deleted. \\ {{:admi... on:drugag.png|}} \\ Global customer visibility rules have two areas of definition: the first area spe
Handling Exceptions to Approval Rules: 9 Hits
====== Handling Exceptions to Approval Rules ====== ===== Use Case ===== In most business processes, th... When modeling business processes in CPQ, approval rules are used to allow users to request an approval wh... ion screen in CPQ are used when creating approval rules, only the most specific approval rules that apply... quotes.\\ For example, if there are two approval rules that are violated in a quote and one applies to t
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