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Integration Setup on the CPQ Side: 20 Hits
= All communication from CPQ to C4C goes over the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service (SCP IS), a BU... the **Enable integration** toggle switch on the **SAP Integration Details** page.\\ {{:adminhelp:crmint... tegration:enable_integration.png?300}}\\ \\ The **SAP Integration Details** page is divided into three sections: * **SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service Account Details** The integration User is def
Scripting Support for the SAP C4C Integration: 15 Hits
====== Scripting Support for the SAP C4C Integration ====== For CPQ-C4C integration purposes, specific ... xposed.\\ \\ The following is a list of available SAP scripting methods: * **SAP.GetOpportunityDeta... Opportunity header and Customer details from the SAP system for the newly created Quote in CPQ that i... ssociated with the incoming Opportunity ID. * **SAP.GetOpportunityDetailsForExistingQuote(Quote.Oppor
Sending Custom Data from CPQ to C4C: 10 Hits
m with values. To send data, the User can use all SAP Create/Update actions with an additional method parameter. * Update Opportunity: ''SAP.UpdateOpportunity(Quote.OpportunityId, XmlNode)'' * Create/Update Sales Quote: ''SAP.CreateUpdateSalesQuote(Quote.OpportunityId, XmlNode)'' * Update Opportunity and Sales Quote: ''SAP.CreateUpdateSalesQuote(Quote.OpportunityId, XmlNode)'' ==== Example ====
SAP C4C Integration: 5 Hits
====== SAP C4C Integration ====== The following sections provide information on CPQ - SAP C4C integrati... tegration:scripting_support_for_the_sap_c4c_integration|Scripting Support for the SAP C4C Integration]]
Creating Custom Actions through Scripting: 5 Hits
you need to meet your business needs. - Write ''SAP.UpdateOpportunity(Quote.OpportunityId)'' in the *... ple, the User is able to attach a document to the SAP Sales Quote even if the Sales Quote is not yet cr... king **Attach Document To Sales Quote** creates a SAP Sales Quote and also adds the generated document to the SAP Sales Quote.\\ \\ To create a new custom action (//CreateUpdateSalesQuote_Script//), do t
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