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Salesforce Integration Instructions: 28 Hits
AP CPQ tenant info. If you are embarking on this setup, you most likely have a tenant. If not, you shoul... er or the mobile device.</note> ===== Salesforce Setup ===== There are 6 essential steps to set up the ... *Before you start, know where to enter the setup feature in Salesforce. At any time you can click the Setup button to get back into setup. Setup is found in the upper right-hand side of Salesforce
Access Rights: 21 Hits
ights** gives you an option to hide some of the **Setup** sections and entities or make them read-only to... main.\\ <note> For now, the only options under **Setup Sections** that can be flagged as read-only are *... ted it will have the option to assign rights to **Setup** sections and entities to other administrators. ... mission groups and allow them to access certain **Setup** sections and entities. These sections and entit
s a list of pages that have been removed from the Setup Menu. * Setup/Top menu * Setup/Custom Category UI * Setup/Product Configuration Templates * Setup/Product Detail Templates * Setup/Products to Product Details Templates Mappings * Setup/Reports * Setup/Forums * Setup/News * Setup/Polls ===== Partially Removed Features ===== * Setup>Product>Produ
Integration With ResponsAbility: 14 Hits
to use Ask An Expert feature you have to perform setup in both ResponsAbility and SAP Sales Cloud CPQ.</note> ===== ResponsAbility ===== To setup SAP CPQ integration go to **Setup>>Tools>>Integrations... u will need to paste into the SAP Sales Cloud CPQ Setup below will then appear. <note>By setting up the... onsAbility: - Ask An Expert workflow (Setup>>Workflows>>Workflows) - Permissions
Product Nesting: 14 Hits
is type of product configuration structure can be setup with unlimited levels of nesting. The configurat... mple, the user can configure an office’s computer setup, which includes choosing the computers, printers,... ow product nesting or hierarchical products to be setup (see [[adminhelp:productadministration:products:m... each of these display types). Product nesting is setup by creating references to other products from the
Contract Pricing/Discounting: 11 Hits
times for some products. The discount needs to be setup to specify contract/special prices for some produ... to customer)\\ For both use cases, the prices are setup using a custom table.\\ ===== Solution ===== <no... dd Item button is clicked. Navigate through **CPQ Setup→Users→User Types** to confirm the customer requir... Create a custom table**\\ Navigate through **CPQ Setup→Product Catalog→Custom Tables**, click on the **I
Netsuite Integration With SAP CPQ: 11 Hits
6: Create integration with SAP CPQ ===== Go to **Setup** -> **Integration** -> **SuiteSignOn** -> **New*... d them later. </note> ===== Step 7: Integration setup on SAP CPQ side ===== *Go to SAP CPQ **Setup** -> **CRM Integartion** -> **General** //(See Figure 7.1)//. *Choose //**NetSuite**// from ... t. To do so, follow these steps. \\ *Go to **Setup** -> **CRM Integration** -> **CRM Administrator A
Rounding Setup: 11 Hits
====== Rounding Setup ====== \\ In **Setup** > **Pricing/Calculations** > **Rounding Setup**, you can cre... rule can be edited. </note> Since the **Rounding Setup** on Quote 1.0 differs from the one in Quote 2.0,... ew Rounding Rules in Quote 2.0 === \\ - Go to **Setup** > **Pricing/Calculations** > **Rounding Setup**... ng Rounding Rules in Quote 1.0 === \\ - Go to **Setup** > **Pricing/Calculations** > **Rounding Setup**
What to delete vs. not delete: 11 Hits
letion (one at a time)**\\ Navigate through **CPQ Setup→Products Catalog →Products**. This opens the prod... can be accessed under the Products admin menu **(Setup→Products→Product Import)**. From this page, user ... o access this functionality from Products page **(Setup→Products→Products)** where all products are liste... ers with the correct rights. Navigating through **Setup →Products Catalog → Products** will open up the *
Custom Tables: 10 Hits
tables that are conditionally visible in SAP CPQ setup, depending on whether the tables have been marked as **Hidden in Setup** by admins. When admins create a new custom table (by clicking **Define New**... ey decide whether to mark the tables as Hidden in Setup or not. The tables can be Hidden with values True... custom tables that should not be shown in SAP CPQ setup. These kinds of tables are part of clients’ SAP C
Renewal Management: 9 Hits
log into SAP CPQ as an administrator and go to **Setup**->//Renewal Administration//->**Define Asset Tab... he quote (renew the asset). Depending on how you setup your Renewal Process, once the quote is completed... ext section, you will read some details on how to setup your Renewal Process. \\ ===== Setup action “Crea... s for you. To find and set up the action, go to **Setup**->//Workflow/Approval//->**Actions**, and find a
Approval for Product Options (Attribute): 9 Hits
Level Aggregate GI in approval rule \\ **Step 1: Setup Product with Option/Attribute (if necessary)**\\ Be sure the specific option/attribute is setup in the product. When approval is conditioned based o... oduct in the quote, then an attribute needs to be setup in that product as a flag for approval and preselect it. Navigate through **CPQ Setup→Products Catalog→Products**, edit the product (Desktop computer
SAP CPQ Package for SFDC: 9 Hits
e the integration process with minimal additional setup adjustments. The advantages of integrating SAP CP... loaded and installed and the adjustments in the **Setup** are finished, the integration is enabled for al... the integration requires certain adjustments in **Setup**, only administrators can integrate SAP CPQ and ... page. After you make additional adjustments in **Setup**, all your users will be able to use the SAP CPQ
Promotions: 9 Hits
assic Design” ===== To set up Promotions, go to **Setup**->//Pricing/Calculations//->**Promotions/Special... ssic Design"]]. \\ To set up Promotions, go to **Setup**->//Pricing/Calculations//->**Promotions/Special... uct category. You can set this in the appropriate setup form (See Figure 2.6.1). Setup of product type pr... ct category promotion is similar to the described setup for product promotion setup. \\ \\ {{ :adminhelp:
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