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Informational Tags: 102 Hits
= Quote Tags <<Q_QUOTE(...)>> ===== Replaces the tag with quote level information where "..." is one o... )>>%% | %%<<Q_ENDUSER(...)>>%%**\\ Replaces the tag with billing, shipping and end user information w... ..)>>%% | %%<<Q_OWNER(...)>>%%**\\ Replaces the tag with current user and owner information where "..... >>%% \\ **%%<<Q_COMP(...)>>%%**\\ Replaces the tag with current user's company information where "..
Creating Word Quote Templates: 24 Hits
l price of the quote is: <<Q_QUOTE(TOTAL)>>". The tag being used here is a quote template tag which ret... vailable to be placed into a Word document. Each tag has a prefix character(s) that represent how the tag is used. The Q tags represent information that will be pulled from the Quote. C tags are Cart ... and can only be used within a C2 repeatable quote tag, which is discussed in the examples below. ST ta
Formatting Syntax: 22 Hits
name of the used language is inserted inside the tag. Eg. ''<nowiki><code java></nowiki>'' or ''<nowik
Tags to display data from custom table: 12 Hits
..)>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_END>>%%**. As a parameter, this tag accepts a custom table name. (e.g. <<CUSTOM_TABLE(additional_options_custom_table)>>) \\ **%%<... DER>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_HEADER_END>>%%**. This tag doe... ROW>>%%** - Always comes in pair with its closing tag **%%<<CUSTOM_TABLE_ROW_END>>%%**. This tag define
SAP CPQ API: 10 Hits
in the XML as long as it stays within the Action tag and includes the same elements. \\ After the pe... correctly, an OK will be included within a RESULT tag. If it failed to complete the action, a NOK wil... reason it failed will be included within a REASON tag. In addition, the status the function attempted t... nge the quote to will be included within a STATUS tag. \\ <note> To review an example code that uses
Sequences: 10 Hits
CTX Tags: 9 Hits
====== CTX Tags ====== CTX tag should be formed in a standard way: \\ **<***CTX(parameter)***>** \\ ... s. Properties are terminals – this means that CTX tag param may end with it. \\ In short this is the C... PDF, DOCX) of generated document. \\ \\ **Date** tag returns current date/time. \\ Date/Time fields have optional Format child tag. It expects format string in argument that affects the way value is sh
Set Configuration based on XML: 7 Hits
that you have already defined. For this purpose, tag **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** has been ... ced. \\ **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** tag \\ The tag accepts xml as an input string parame... ss any attribute. \\ Besides standard usage, the tag can be used through Iron Python scripting as well... \\ Since the <*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*> tag does not support setting multiple attribute value
Other Shopping Cart Tags: 7 Hits
====== Other Shopping Cart Tags ====== ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Type Retuned **^**Example **^ |**<... pany |String | | |**<*APPROVALREQUIRED*> **|This tag is often used as Condition for showing up "Submit... IRED*> |True/False | | |**<*ISAPPROVED*> **|This tag is used for checking if Quote is Approved (Quote ... r not. |True/False | | |**<*ISREJECTED*> **|This tag is used for checking if Quote is Rejected (Quote
Functional Tags: 5 Hits
ection is displayed or not. On the left side is a tag whose value will be compared and on the right sid... ll return 12345.99 === HTML [HTML(...)] === HTML tag takes the content and interprets is as HTML and i... erted in the document. One caveat when using HTML tag is that if there is any text efore or after it, H... e it on same line, just simply put it inside HTML tag. [HTML(text before - %%<<C_DESC>>%% - text after)
Quote Visibility: 5 Hits
at are within their group. The <***SAMEGROUP***> tag checks the quote creator’s user group and the use... ith also. This rule uses the <***SAMEZIPCODE***> tag which matches the zip code of the currently logge... a rule is created using the <***SAMETERRITORY***> tag. {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:same_territ... Quotes tab, every quote is evaluated against the tag <***SAMETERRITORY***>. This tag evaluates to 1 (
Action Tags: 5 Hits
====== Action Tags ====== ^**Tag **^**Description **^**Result **^ |**<*allowatt(standard attribute nam... s being unselected. |Attribute values included in tag will be selected. | |**<* SelectValues (attribute... s being unselected. |Attribute values included in tag will be selected.| |**<* SelectValue (attribute1:... es being unselected.|Attribute values included in tag will be selected.| |**<*ResetValue(standard attri
Email Customers / Quote Acceptance Settings: 5 Hits
X** from Available Tags and click **Construct CTX tag** {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:syntax_build... * Select **Dictionary** from the **Select CTX** tag object dropdown menu; select **Current** from the... insert your key between brackets in the Your CTX tag: field * Click **Insert** {{:adminhelp:qu... field has been populated with the appropriate CTX tag; note that you will have to manually enter the Di
Attribute Container: 5 Hits
( Container(AttributeContainerName).IsValid )*>'' tag. ==== Container Column Sorting ==== Container ... r there is just one, then you can use a following tag in rules to add rows:\\ Container(X).Rows.Add(2);... s more then one product in a container, following tag should be used in rules for adding rows:\\ Contai... tainer property from parent product rule with CTX tag. Container is defined globally so its execution
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