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Federated Single Sign-On: 18 Hits
P CPQ, as a SaaS application, will expose the new URL address specific to your tenant environment. On t... eceived after sign-out (e.g. redirect to specific URL or call some publicly visible API). ===== How to... ocol details will be in use. - A new federation URL will be exposed for SAP CPQ SP-initiated FSSO for your environment. ===== SAP CPQ FSSO URL Naming ===== SAP CPQ has for each identity provider spec
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 11 Hits
//Visualforce Markup// tab. You must replace the URL with the URL of the SAP CPQ website you want to c... // if not already set set maxHeight to iframe url so that SAP CPQ sets correct size if (ifr... from the below //Codebox 2//. Again, replace the URL and the domain name. <code XML> <apex:page st... // if not already set set maxHeight to iframe url so that SAP CPQ sets correct size if (ifr
Code Builder: 10 Hits
Application Parameters: 9 Hits
Secure Site for License Purchasing**: defines the URL of a web page that is secure for license purchasi... ors, including their part number and code. * **URL for PULL web service when retrieving assets**: enables admins to enter a URL that enables Users to retrieve assets or XML files required for configur... use the Badgeville integration. * **Badgeville URL**: enables admins to enter the Badgeville URL tha
Action Tags: 8 Hits
Action Tags: 8 Hits
CTX Tags: 7 Hits
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Product Configuration: 6 Hits
s**, provide the following: \\ - **Authentication URL**: the URL of SAP Product Configuration authoriza... Configuration API URLs: \\ - **Configuration Base URL**: the root URL of configuration services. \\ - **Pricing Base URL**: the root URL of pricing services. - In **Endpoints**, define the following SA
Netsuite Integration With SAP CPQ: 5 Hits
fill out the form, write down the number from the URL field found on the page following the script argu... e in CPQSSOSuitelet.js file <code JavaScript>var url = nlapiOutboundSSO('customsso1');</code> with this code <code JavaScript>var url = nlapiOutboundSSO('YourIntegrationID');</code> <note>//**YourInt... ote so that the number located in their variables URL, following the argument script, is the same numbe
Product Data Tags: 5 Hits
n field | |**<*ProductLink*> **|Gives the link or URL from the product link field |String |<* ProductLi
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