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User administration API XML Details: 109 Hits
====== User administration API XML Details ====== <USERNAME> * This node is required. * This node ... this node is missing and the API is adding a new user, the API call will fail and the XML with error wi... de is missing and the API is updating an existing user, the existing user's username will remain as it w... be sent to the API caller. \\ <PASSWORD> * The user's password will be set to the text value of this
Blocking Users from Being Deleted: 68 Hits
name, last name, username or email address of the user you want to block from deletion. \\ The field off... d as suggestions. Alternatively, you can select a user from the drop-down list. - Click **Save**. \\ A confirmation message displays. The blocked user’s status is taken into consideration for SAP CPQ licenses. The user can be either active or inactive, and this status is displayed in the **Active** c
Users: 55 Hits
x: * username * first name * last name * user type * email address Additionally, when using... by: * username * first name * last name * user type * email * company * address * ZIP ... tion:users_displaysettings.png?300}}\\ \\ Editing user’s information is done by clicking the **Edit** bu... ding username. In addition, copying or deleting a user is done by clicking {{:adminhelp:usersadministrat
Approval Rules: 48 Hits
l users' Managing/ Ordering/ Approving parents on user administration page (//not required//) - Set u... roval process terms: **Approver **|is a SAP CPQ user that is selected to be responsible for managing t... ct only active users as approvers. If an inactive user is set to be an approver to someone, quotes submi... is possible to have an approval rule that defines user (I.e. 'John Smith') to be the approver. Now, when
User Custom Fields: 47 Hits
====== User Custom Fields ====== User custom fields enable you to add additional fields for users.\\ To view a list of all user custom fields in the system and/or add new custom fields, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **User Custom Fields**.\\ A list of all existing user custom fields displays, and their... is visible in the top right corner of the page.\\ User custom fields can be filtered by specific and adv
Custom Fields: 44 Hits
to define how the field will be used based on the user and the status of the quote. \\ {{ Wiki::custom... n be found under the **Quotes** admin menu. Here user can copy, delete, and edit existing custom fields... d in and the order, and the label. Once defined, user can then assign permission to the field. The per... determine how the field will be displayed to the user, such as hidden, required, editable, and read- on
Managing Quote Templates: 43 Hits
to set the order in which they will appear on the user side when presented to the user. As you can see ... s will be offered in the list of templates to the user’s side. Here, user has two sub-options: * **Simple template** (no sections); If user has defined sections for this template and then marked it as ‘... However, file revisions will not be deleted when user clicks on ‘Save’.\\ {{ adminhelp:quotesadministr
Attribute Container: 41 Hits
ust a collection of cell values. \\ For example: User defines a container with two columns "//Name//" a... of such container each row will be a product, and user will be able to edit that product attribute in li... w is added. Take a look at the following case: a user defines text box columns First Name, Last Name an... ttribute name)*>) where in case of attribute type User Input or Computed - Date attribute display value
Quote Visibility: 39 Hits
tab on the load quote page. In order to allow a user to see any other quotes, a quote visibility rule must be created. Quotes a user has been given permission to will be displayed under the Other Quotes... rameters from which a rule can be built: **Group, User, and Company**. The order in which each is displ... Users, and Users having priority over Companies. User can join parameters to filter permissions even mo
Guest User: 39 Hits
====== Guest User ====== A guest user in SAP CPQ is a user with limited access rights. For example, gues... following sections describe the administrator and user side of the guest user feature: * [[guestuseran... tuseranddefaultusersettings#guest_user_side|Guest User Side]] ===== Administrator Side ===== To enable the guest user feature and allow browsing through products, administrators must first make adjustmen
User Types: 35 Hits
====== User Types====== User types control how users interact with the system. For example, products, re... low actions can have permissions set according to user types.\\ To view a list of all user types in the system and/or add new user types, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **User Types**. A list of all existing user types displays, and their total number is visible in the top right corner of the page.\\ Us
Application Parameters: 34 Hits
ade to application parameters are logged in the **User Action Audit Trail**. The following information i... o users created by admin**: defines whether a new User created by the SAP CPQ admin receives an email no... efault login remember preference**: defines which User login details are remembered. * **In Reverse ... dministration, notify the SAP CPQ admin about new user registration and email order confirmation. * *
What to delete vs. not delete: 33 Hits
on allows users to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. This is a go... **Delete customer(s)** section allows deleting a user’s customers or global customers. To delete a user’s local customers, select their name from the drop down list. To delete global customers, choose **... lick the **Delete** button. Before deleting other user’s account, it is important that to delete that us
Automatic Deletion of Users: 33 Hits
==== Automatic Deletion of Inactive Users ===== A user becomes inactive when you:\\ - disable the **Acti... **Setup** > **Users** > **Users** > a particular user > **General**, or\\ - update the user's active status via the API or through user import\\. To delete inactive users: - Go to **Setup** > **Securi... period from the date the administrator marked the user as inactive, starting from the 2018.4 release dat
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Rules Admin: 24 Hits
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