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Application Parameters: 118 Hits
ed into following tabs: **General Parameters**, **Users**, **Product Catalog**, **Configurator**, **Shopp... active products when set to **TRUE**. * **When users enter several words in search box, CPQ will find ... ffline permission**: sets permissions that enable Users to download offline. * **Email login details t... ther an email containing login details is sent to Users when they download offline. * **Do not email l
Bulk User Import/Export: 41 Hits
enhancement enables importing/exporting multiple users into/from CPQ. The following properties of the Bu... ge is divided into three sections:\\ * **Export Users** - contains buttons for initiating different exp... - exports an Excel template with three sheets: **Users** (template for defining user details), **IMPORTA... the respective descriptions). * **Export All Users** - exports an Excel sheet with all users in the
User Import: 34 Hits
====== User Import ====== \\ To import new users or edit existing users, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **Users** > **Import Users**.\\ Alternatively, the same can be done on the **User Import** page in **S... he **User Import** page, you can: * Import new users using a sample template. * Create a template by exporting existing users. * Update existing users to later import the updated list. ===== Import
Approval Rules: 30 Hits
functionality that enables administrator to force users to obey a set of rules when operating with theirs... del the approval process so that he doesn't allow users to put the discount on the quote amount in excess... essary to do the following: - Set up individual users' Managing/ Ordering/ Approving parents on user ad... many as needed. Since approvers are ordinary CPQ users (with some more rights), it is important to selec
roduct data, a flag will be supported that allows users to define a product display type //(Figure 1//). ... display type. ===== System ID ===== To enable users to set the Product System ID, //Figure 2//, you m... System ID. ===== Attribute Type ===== To enable users to set the Attribute Type, //Figure 3//, you shou... d.” ===== Attribute Display Type ===== To enable users to set the Attribute Display Type (Figure), add a
User Types: 23 Hits
====== User Types====== User types control how users interact with the system. For example, products, rep... em and/or add new user types, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **User Types**. A list of all existing user t... - **Home Page (default)**: default page on which users land, i.e. **Catalog**. \\ - **Quote List**: a li... - Click **Start category** to define the category users belonging to the user type land to in CPQ. \\
Users: 22 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>53}} ====== Users ====== The **Users** administration page enables you to manage the existing users in the system and add new ones.\\ To view a list of all users in the system and/or add new users, go to **Setup** > **Users** > **Users**. A list of all existing users displays, and their tot... r of the page.\\ {{:adminhelp:usersadministration:users.png?600}}\\ \\ Users can be filtered by specific
Delegation of authority for user management: 21 Hits
egation of authority for user management** allows users who are not CPQ administrators to manage users an... ser management can be accessed under the **Setup/ Users/ Delegation of authority for user management**.\\... ;#;//Figure A- Permission groups that can manage users//;#;\\ To **Copy**,** Delete** or **Edit** Permis... rmission group. This displays the **Management of users screen**. ;#;{{:adminhelp:usersadministration:5.p
CPQ Package for SFDC: 21 Hits
Single Sign On authentication service that allows users to use one password and username to access both S... are finished, the integration is enabled for all users in the tenant. You can always limit the access to all Users or to specific profiles in AppExchange. Since the integration requires certain adjustment... or Salesforce administrators.\\ **Install for All Users** - enables the integration for both administrato
Permission Groups: 17 Hits
he **Permission Groups** section in **Setup** > **Users** allows administrators to add new and modify existing permission groups. Users should be included in a permission group to share access rights over ... ministrators can assign access rights to multiple users in one click.\\ Permission groups can be filtered... on * members ==== User Search Logic ==== To add Users to a group, Administrators can perform simple and
Federated Single Sign-On: 16 Hits
session/user authentication process that permits users to enter a single name and password in order to a... stems across different organizations, benefitting users and organizations alike. ===== What are the benef... gn-On? ===== * **User experience** With SSO users authenticate only once at a single point and enj... eparate credentials for each cross-domain because users retain only one pair of credentials. This means t
User Page: 15 Hits
he system, manage generated documents, administer users, companies, manage tables, document templates and... //;#; \\ **Setup |** Setup is only available to users with administrative permissions. \\ **User Pers... **Modify Personal Details |** This section allows users to modify personal data, such as their Name, Email Address, ID Code, Address, etc. Users are unable to change critical settings such as their user ty
Pricebooks: 15 Hits
s)// and the specific Pricebook is retrieved when Users select //Scandinavian Trucks// as the Bill To Cus... lity conditions enables Administrators to support Users' complex pricing scenarios. By setting correspond... a Customer so that it automatically displays once Users select the Customer. Also, CPQ supports complex pricing for Users who manage indirect sales through channels. A combined scenario in which each sales
Workflow Actions: 13 Hits
quote page.\\ **My Quotes** - (available for all users) My Quotes tab displays all quotes that the curr... or approval** - (This contains no quotes for most users except for users who are Approval Parents for other users). These are the quotes of other users that the currently logged-in user is their approval p... Quotes** - (this also contains no quotes for most users except for the users given visibility rights) - T
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