Creating/Updating C4C Sales Quote

The list of actions available on Quotes created by landing from C4C to SAP CPQ contains an action for creating/updating SAP Sales Quotes. Although the action is also available for Quotes created directly from SAP CPQ, it does not execute successfully.

When on a Quote, clicking the Create Update SAP Sales Quote button for the first time creates a new SAP Sales Quote in the C4C system. Clicking the button each following time updates the Quote. Sales Quotes are available in the Sales Documents tab in C4C. Please note that a CPQ Quote can have only one matching C4C Sales Quote.
The Total Negotiated Value is calculated on the C4C side based on all the pricing details sent from the CPQ Quote (items, quantities, item discounts, etc.). The Valid To date is retrieved from the Quote's expiration date (available in the Quote's Additional Info tab). In the Products tab, you can find the created/updated data:

  • Product ID has the same value as the Quote item part number.
  • Product description is sent from SAP CPQ. In case no description is defined in SAP CPQ, the system retrieves it from C4C.
  • The price is retrieved from the SAP CPQ item's price list.
  • The Price Unit field displays item's quantity. A detailed overview of all the products with prices, discounts and totals is shown in the Pricing tab.

Key Facts about Creating/Updating Sales Quote

  • Users cannot proceed to a new task before the update is completed due to the synchronous API calls that the system makes.
  • The system always uses standard A2X C4C web service calls from SCP IS to C4C.
  • When creating/updating a C4C Sales Quote from SAP CPQ, the Quote payload is sent in the XML format.
  • A Sales Quote created in C4C has the default standard document type AG.
  • Field mappings between SAP CPQ and C4C are defined in HCP IS.
  • When clicking Create Update Sap Sales Quote the first time on a Quote in SAP CPQ, a new Sales Quote is created in C4C. The item lines from SAP CPQ are replicated in the new Sales Quote. Clicking the button each subsequent time triggers SAP CPQ to send the Quote ID so the Sales Quote is properly updated.
  • After creating/updating a Sales Quote, the new values are visible right away.
  • When updating a Sales Quote, the system does not update the existing products, but deletes them and adds the products from the SAP CPQ Quote payload.
  • The Pricing is updated with prices, quantities and discount amounts from the SAP CPQ Quote.
  • If a product does not exist for a given ID in C4C, the system adds the product together with its description to the list of products in the Opportunity. In addition, a corresponding message (Please enter an existing product ID.) displays. The price components for the existing products are not updated due to the warning message.
  • Sales Quotes contain product descriptions sent from SAP CPQ. In case there is no description, the system picks up the description from C4C.
  • C4C calculates all prices and discounts sent from SAP CPQ and shows the net negotiated price.
  • The end date of the SAP CPQ Quote is retrieved as the end date of the C4C Sales Quote.
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