Document Generation

The SAP CPQ-C4C integrated environment allows document generation via the Generate Quote action.

Upon clicking Generate Quote, the document generation process is triggered. For more details on generating documents in SAP CPQ, please access Generate Documents. In the last step of the document generation process, while in the Download Document and Send Email tab, the following actions are available:

  • Attach to the opportunity - attaches the generated document to the linked C4C Opportunity. The attachments are available in the Attachments tab. Currently, Word, Excel and PDF document formats are supported. As C4C does not refresh the content automatically, Users should reopen the Opportunity from the list of Opportunities and find the attachment in the Attachments tab.
  • Attach to the sales quote - attaches the generated document to the C4C Sales Quote. The attachments are available in the Attachments tab. The action will not be performed successfully unless the Sales Quote is already created in the system.
  • Attach to the opportunity and sales quote - combines the previous two actions. Attaches the generated document to both the Opportunity and the Sales Quote.

The buttons for attaching documents are also available in the list of actions on SAP CPQ Quotes. If you click an action on the Quote, the system sends the last generated document to C4C. You can access the list of generated documents in the Documents tab.

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