Quote Tabs and Fields

In addition to the discounting and total features of the cart, additional information can be included with a cart. This information is added through the tabs at the top of the screen. Standard tabs for each quote are the Quotation, Customer Info, and Attachments tabs. The Quotation tab will display the cart, the Customer Info tab allows you to enter billing and shipping information, and the Attachments tab allows you to upload files to the quote. The Customer Info and Attachments tabs are discussed in more depth later.
In addition to these tabs, other tabs may be available to enter additional information. Any tabs other the three standard tabs are company specific. Despite what fields are included in these tabs, the same functionality is applied.
Enter information with the fields that are provided. Fields with a icon require a date entry. Clicking the icon will display a calendar pop-up where user can choose a date. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) require entry in order to place order on the quote. To save entered information, click the Save button at the top and bottom of the tab.

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