User Registration Page

Administrator Side

As an administrator you want to be able to allow or disallow users to register from the login page. To do so, click Setup>General>Application Parameters and set Allow User Registration as True or False, (Figure 1).

Setting the parameter as True enables users to fill out all registration fields once they click Registration and enter the domain name.

Setting the parameter as False, prevents users from being able to see and fill out the remaining fields (Figure 2). Instead, the following message will appear: “In order to register for this domain, please contact your system administrator.” This message acts as a system dictionary key so the administrator can manage, change and translate it accordingly.

Guest user and Default User Settings

The Guest user and Default User Settings page includes important information about this feature. To learn how to use it, click Setup>Users>Guest User and Default User Settings. Depending on the domain entered, SAP CPQ will retrieve custom fields previously defined on this page. And, the fields will be listed depending on the appropriate permissions defined for these fields. Besides standard registration fields, the registration form can contain User Custom Fields. The administration and permissions for user custom fields are managed on the User Custom Fields page, as explained in Setup (the link to the User Custom Fields page is also provided). The table with Read-only fields, Hidden Fields, Editable Fields and Required fields is located below the Optional Fields for Self-Registering Users.

The Guest User and Default User Settings page also enables administrators to define other things. For example, as an administrator you can define the type registered users will be, and define the Expiration Period in Days for those Self-Registered Users.

User Side

As a user, you want to be able to register in order to gain access to a specific domain (Figure 4).

But first you must supply a domain name prior to being able to see all the other registration fields, including custom fields (Figure 5).

Once you have entered the domain name, a page containing other fields opens up.

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