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Access Rights: 51 Hits
==== Access Rights ==== \\ **Access Rights** gives you an option to hide some of the **Setup** sections an... in SAP CPQ, which means that they do not require access to the sections outside their domain.\\ <note> F... t Catalog** > **Custom Tables**. </note> To gain access to this feature, you need to explicitly request i... r who requested it will have the option to assign access rights for **Setup** sections and entities to oth
Granting Login Access: 16 Hits
====== Granting Login Access ====== If you need help resolving a configuration issue, you can allow an adm... ng to share your password. ===== Granting Login Access to Administrator ===== To grant login access to ... ps: - Below your name in the top-right corner, access **User Page**. - On the **User details** tab, enable the **Grant Access to your Company Admin** toggle switch. \\ A date field displays. - Set an
SAP CPQ Package for SFDC: 15 Hits
allows users to use one password and username to access both SFDC and SAP CPQ. <note> Integration of SAP... all users in the tenant. You can always limit the access to all users or to specific profiles in AppExchan... Salesforce]] as administrator. The first time you access the page, you are prompted to download the packag... Salesforce Classic UI design. </note> === Manage Access to Connected Apps === Follow the procedure to lim
Logging in as a Proxy User: 12 Hits
n as a Proxy User ====== If you have been granted access to another user’s account, you can log into SAP C... n default SAP CPQ tenants is now assigned via the Access Rights feature. It can’t be accessed in other tenants regardless of the assigned access rights. </note> ===== Administrator Logging in as a Proxy ... n:userpage:granting_login_access|user granted you access]] to their account, take the following steps to l
Attribute Access Level control via Iron Python: 9 Hits
====== Attribute Access Level control via Iron Python ====== \\ This feature introduces a new property "Access" on attributes and defines the access level (how the attribute should be displayed in the conf... me == 'Customer': Product.Attr("Interior Color").Access = AttributeAccess.ReadOnly Product.Attr("Exterior Color").Access = AttributeAccess.ReadOnly </code> \\ This script checks if SAP CPQ is being acce
SAP CPQ and AdobeSign® Integration: 9 Hits
portal. * to enable uncertified applications to access your AdobeSign® account (applicable only for demo... /development/sandbox environments). To enable the access, log into AdobeSign® portal and access **Account*... PI**: **Allow Uncertified partner applications to access data from this account** and **Allow users who ar... as an admin user. * In the main navigation menu access **Setup** > **Setup**. * In the menu on the lef
arameters, performing actions upon carts, etc...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/CPQ... min level services (updating users, companies...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/WsSr... n used in the performCartAction function. \\ To access SAP CPQ’s API, use the following URLs: * <appl... of administrator-level functions For example, to access the functions on the installati
Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 6 Hits
eakdown.png?400}} \\ \\ You can write a script to access the pricing response from SAP Variant Configurati
Federated Single Sign-On (FSSO): 6 Hits
mits users to enter a single name and password to access multiple applications. While SSO uses a single login (username/password) to access all applications within the same organization, **federated SSO (F... O across enterprises. In other words, FSSO allows access to multiple systems across different organization... : - Contact the SAP CPQ Support team to enable access to the [[adminhelp:federation:federation_settings
Creating a Document Generation Template: 6 Hits
e customer, and the proposal page which customers access by clicking the proposal link in the email. After... type of template that you are creating, you have access to different tabs when editing a template. For si... on_tool|Template Creation Tool]] button gives you access to a tool which creates a document template so yo... the template. For example, you can allow users to access specific templates when quotes are in a certain s
Application Parameters: 6 Hits
figure system operations to their needs.\\ \\ To access these parameters, go to **Setup > General > Appli... admins to enter the Badgeville public key used to access widgets in the Badgeville integration. * **Bad... tp Username**: contains the username used to gain access to the File Transfer Protocol.\\ * **Ftp Password**: contains the password used to gain access to the File Transfer Protocol.\\ * **Action ‘Send
Pricebooks: 5 Hits
entries (products and prices). * In **Setup**, access **Pricing/Calculations** > **Pricebooks**. * In... ) In **Definition**, select the parent Pricebook. Access the section below for more details on Pricebook h... isible to everyone** if you wish everyone to have access to the pricebook. \\ Alternatively, define advanced or simple visibility conditions to restrict access to the Pricebook. If not set to be visible to eve
User Custom Fields: 5 Hits
allowing all users in the system the same type of access to the user custom field. * **Field permission** drop-down list: Here you select the type of access for the users. \\ - **Editable**: The user custom... is not displayed to everyone. To grant the same access to users, leave the toggle switch enabled and select the type of access from the drop-down list.\\ To limit the access, disable the toggle switch.\\
Involved Parties (Quote Teams): 5 Hits
n users to solution teams. Each solution team has access only to the sections assigned to it. Consequently... Only members of a team assigned to a section have access rights to it. Users in the team assigned to a parent section do not have access to its subsections. The users in this team cannot add any new teams, ... iple sections are selected. * team members have access only to the section assigned to them, not to the
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