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Action Details: 48 Hits
====== Action Details ====== ===== Send Quote XML ===== The purpose of this functionality is to enable ... Quote XML explicitly (by invoking the appropriate action on the quote), or implicitly (by setting this action to be a pre or post action for some other quote action). \\ The action can send Quote XML to: ... Method) * FTP address **Workflow Setup** - The action **Send Quote XML** should be set up in the workfl
(Legacy) Creating Custom Actions through Scripting: 31 Hits
and link them to other actions as a post and pre-action. The User can change the names of custom actions.... ration.</note> ===== Update Opportunity as a Post-Action upon the Save Quote Action ===== The example demonstrates how to create a custom action for updating an Opportunity and link it to the **Save Quote** action as a post-action. As a result, once a User clicks **Save Quote**, and the **Save Quote** act
SAP CPQ and DocuSign Integration: 25 Hits
ons in the document where recipient needs to take action. Also, some tags are used to provide recipient wi... ign Accepted** * **DocuSign Rejected** \\ ==== Action "Generate Document E-Sign" ==== \\ The only action from this group that is visible in quote layout and that can be triggered by SAP CPQ user is **"Generate Document For E-Sign"**. Note that this action should not change the quote status. In order to m
Result XML Examples, List No. 1: 25 Hits
=""><![CDATA[]]></Title> <Actions> <Action ActionId="1" ActionName="Edit" /> <Action ActionId="2" ActionName="Add" /> <Action ActionId="3" ActionName="Delete" /> <Action ActionId="4" ActionName="Lookup" /> </Actions> </Customer> <Customer CustomerRoleTyp... =""><![CDATA[]]></Title> <Actions> <Action ActionId="1" ActionName="Edit" /> <Action
Workflow Actions: 24 Hits
screen. The left side of the table contains **Pre-Action (Start) Statuses** and the top of the table contains **Post-Action (End) Statuses.** The list of actions in each intersecting square specifies which... will be changed to Order Placed with the Workflow Action defined below. \\ Alternatively you can view the... sts each start and end status along with the tab, action name, conditions, pre actions, post actions and n
Custom Actions: 23 Hits
in the quote workflow as any other standard quote action, they can be set up as pre or post action. Also e... ystems – like ERP system. For example, one custom action could contain code that would send relevant quote... he admin is displayed. Admin is able to translate action names by clicking on the ‘Translate’ icon, edit action by clicking on the ‘Edit’ action button, delete action by clicking on ‘Delete’ action button a
Renewal Management: 22 Hits
et is to be created through Workflow. There is an action named **Create Asset** that can be set in workflow as a post action for some quote status (e.g. //Quote Won// status), that will trigger automaticall... how to setup your Renewal Process. \\ ===== Setup action “Create Assets” ===== This is the action which creates Assets for you. To find and set up the action, go to **Setup**->//Workflow/Approval//->**Action
Custom Table Web Method - Input Parameters: 20 Hits
admin username provided in the username element| |Action|String (50)|Action that will be executed for the ... leName|String(100)|Name of the table on which the action will be performed – no white spaces allowed|Yes|E... es|The AUXTablesproperties XML structure for each action is shown | ===== Input XML definition – for Crea... mn size| ===== Input XML Example for CREATETABLE action ===== <code XML> <Root> <Columns> <Column>
SAP CPQ and AdobeSign® Integration: 19 Hits
ons in the document where recipient needs to take action. If tags are added to the document, then signer... E-Sign Accepted * E-Sign Declined ==== Action "Generate Document for E-Sign" ==== \\ This is the only action from this group that is visible in quote layout and that can be triggered by SAP CPQ user. Note that this action should not change quote status. In order to make this action visible in q
Custom Table Administration - Output Parameters: 19 Hits
es are verified and successfully passed requested action, otherwise NOK|Y| | |Message|String (500)|Messag... L Examples ===== ==== Result XML for CREATETABLE action ==== \\ **Use case** - Custom table successfully... Error> </code> \\ ==== Result XML for EXPORTROWS action ==== \\ Successful rows export based on the sear... sult> </code> \\ ==== Result XML for UPSERTROWS action ==== \\ **Use case** - Rows get updated / insert
Approval Process Administration: 17 Hits
clicking on "Approvals" button, he can perform an action on that quote: \\ {{ workflowapprovals:approval... can see all the comments enterred, etc. Whatever action does this approver choose to perform, the approva... s: From status **open to status open**, check the action „Approvals" : {{ workflowapprovals:approvalrule... #; \\ This will ensure that we have "Approvals" action only when we need to submit the quote for approva
Required Fields By Workflow Action: 17 Hits
dexmenu_n>79}} ====== Required Fields By Workflow Action ====== The **Required Fields by Workflow Action*... ich fields are required before a certain workflow action can be performed. Unlike Workflow Permissions and conditions that hide any action the user isn’t allowed to perform, Required Fields by [[adminhelp:w... pprovals:workflowactions:workflowactions|Workflow Action]] ensures that certain fields are entered before
Application Parameters: 16 Hits
l**. The following information is logged in the **Action** column: //Application parameter changed//. </no... The rule condition is:\\ <code>1</code> The rule action is:\\ <code><*SELECTVALUES(Payment:2)*></code>\\ ... o indicate that SAP CPQ is executing the selected action.\\ * **Execute rules in child products (found ... ame for the **Waiting for Approval** tab.\\ * **Action ‘Send Quote Xml’ sends quote xml under the name**
Developer Console: 16 Hits
ck the **Full Mode** checkbox and repeat the user action. * **Disable UI Customizations** - select to di... overview of the data related only to a particular action.\\ The list of tracked actions is displayed in th... ownload and performance). If an error occurs, the action's information is displayed within the table with red background that indicates that the action is somehow erroneous. To see details of an action, cli
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