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Workflow Actions: 44 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>72}} ====== Workflow Actions ====== After defining statuses, the administrator needs to define the actions that will change the **quote/order** status. For example, a desired behavior may be t... er button. There are three states in the workflow actions. Each relates to a tab on the load quote page.\\... b.</note> The relationships between statuses and actions are specified through the **Workflow Actions** se
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**Developer Console** allows you to analyze your actions in SAP CPQ easily, profile application problems a... in a new tab so you can work on SAP CPQ and track actions and traces in parallel. The **Developer Console**... **Example**: If you need to track and analyze all actions that have been performed on a quote in SAP CPQ, c... checkbox. In the first tab, open the quote whose actions you wish to analyze. If you go back to the **Deve
Workflow Permissions: 21 Hits
ed to control which user groups can perform which actions. This administrative section is important because users will be unable to use any of the actions defined in the [[adminhelp:workflowapprovals:workflowactions:workflowactions|Workflow Actions]] administrative section unless they have been given perm... se permissions can be done in two ways, through **Actions Permissions** or **User Group Permissions**. The
Load Existing Quotes: 16 Hits
uote has been created, users can view and perform actions on it on the **Load Quote** page accessed by clic... page can be done in three main ways: **performing actions**, **changing the status**, and **making revision... * screen (explained below). \\ ==== Performing Actions ==== Actions for quotes range from reassignment ... creating a copy. User can easily see the list of actions available for a quote by clicking the drop down b
Audit Trail Logs: 16 Hits
it Trail Logs ====== SAP CPQ keeps tracks of all actions that administrators and users perform throughout ... * [[adminhelp:audit_trail:audit_trail_logs#Admin Actions|Admin Actions]] * [[adminhelp:audit_trail:audit_trail_logs#User Actions|User Actions]] * [[adminhelp:audit_trail:audit_trail_logs#Products|Produ... filters, both global and advanced. ===== Admin Actions ===== The system tracks changes performed by adm
Manage Actions: 16 Hits
====== Manage Actions ====== Standard and custom quote table actions allow users to manage rows and cells ... uote Tables.\\ ==== Manage Standard Quote Table Actions ==== **Add row**, **Delete row** and **Copy row** are standard actions available on Quote Tables. On the administration side, you can activate/deactivate actions, choose permission groups that can see them and define actions that are executed before
Deploying Custom Actions: 15 Hits
====== Deploying Custom Actions ====== To add custom actions to the deployment package and deploy them, fo... kages|Deployment Packages]] page: select **Custom Actions** in **Package Component** and click **Add**. \\ ... t. - In **Action selection**, select the custom actions you want to add to the package. - **All Custom Actions**: all available custom actions are added to the package and sent to the destination envir
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CustomerExtendedPrice> <LineItems /> <Actions /> <KeyAttributes> <KeyAttribute> ... CustomerInfoColumn=""><![CDATA[]]></Title> <Actions> <Action ActionId="1" ActionName="Edit" /... ction ActionId="4" ActionName="Lookup" /> </Actions> </Customer> <Customer CustomerRoleType="... CustomerInfoColumn=""><![CDATA[]]></Title> <Actions> <Action ActionId="1" ActionName="Edit" /
Custom Actions: 13 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>42}} ====Custom Actions==== SAP CPQ offers flexible way to meet custom demands for various f... ersion. This is achieved by implementing **custom actions** – parts of code that contain processing logic for appropriate functionalities. Custom actions can be used in the quote workflow as any other standa... s can be attached to them.\\ \\ Typically , these actions are used for integration with other external syst
Deploying Item Actions Workflow: 13 Hits
====== Deploying Item Actions Workflow ====== To add item actions workflow to the deployment package and d... ackages|Deployment Packages]] page: select **Item Actions Workflow** in **Package Component** and click **A... n for the package component. - In **Select item actions workflow per tab**, select the item actions you w... to add to the package. - **My Quotes**: item actions defined for the **My Quotes** tab are added to th
Item Actions Workflow: 13 Hits
====== Item Actions Workflow ====== In addition to controlling the visibility of Quote Actions based on th... Status, administrators can now hide certain Quote Actions by using conditions (e.g. text in a part number) ... need to customize the Quote user interface. Item Actions define which actions can be performed on individu... ged in **Setup** > **Workflow/Approval** > **Item Actions Workflow**.\\ Quotes are organized in **My Quotes
Deploying Workflow: 11 Hits
add to the package. - **My Quotes**: workflow actions defined for the **My Quotes** tab are added to th... ronment. - **Waiting for approval**: workflow actions defined for the **Waiting for approval** tab are ... ion environment. - **Other Quotes**: workflow actions defined for the **Other Quotes** tab are added to... om the **Workflow Sending Checklist**: * custom actions * notifications * email lists If custom acti
Images for Quote Actions: 10 Hits
====== Images for Quote Actions ====== ===== Introduction ===== The purpose of this feature is to enable images for quote actions so that users can easily spot them. ===== User Side ===== In quote, depending on value of application parameter,actions will be displayed with images. Actions will be sorted by sort order (actions with empty sort order field will be displayed at the end). If actions have
SAP CPQ and DocuSign Integration: 10 Hits
rting and ending statuses of DocuSign integration actions. Three statuses can be named as follows, but SAP ... * **Waiting for DocuSigning** ===== Integration actions ===== \\ DocuSign integration brings four built-in actions that are available in SAP CPQ Setup : * **Generate Document E-Sign ** * **Change E-S... riggered and quote status is not changed. ==== Actions "DocuSign Accepted" and "DocuSign Declined" ====
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