Object Identifier (System ID)

This page provides you with details about identifiers of different objects in SAP CPQ.

System ID is identifier for:

  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Values
  • Categories
  • Product Types
  • Tabs
  • Configuration Templates
  • Details Templates
  • User Types
  • Shipping Method

System ID is among other fields that are displayed on forms where you add or edit the existing object. It is usually displayed under the Name field or beside it (e.g. Attribute Value object form).

System ID is being created automatically based on the name that you, as an administrator, typed in the Name field. As soon as you complete typing and leave the Name field, either by mouse or by pressing Tab on the keyboard, System ID field is populated with the value that is unique for this object. System ID is constructed by replacing spaces in the object name with underscores and adding the suffix _cpq at the end.

For example, if you create product with name ”Product One”, SAP CPQ will create the System ID with value ”Product_One_cpq”. (See Figure 1) \\If this value is already assigned to some another product, SAP CPQ will try with ”Product_One_1_cpq”, then with ”Product_One_2_cpq”, etc.

Figure 1 - System ID is created automatically

SAP CPQ provides you with the possibility to modify the System ID.

If you edit some object, System ID field is displayed as read-only. In order to make it editable, click on Edit icon. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Making field editable

This will make the field editable but will show the warning message as well. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3 - Warning is displayed

If you change System ID and it happen that the System ID already exists then the error message is displayed at the top of the page. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4 - System ID already exists

When you are defining the attribute value, System ID is created based on attribute value code (not display value) + attribute name. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5 - Attribute value System ID

When you export products, column Product System ID is added to the Excel file. (See Figure 6)

Figure 6 - Product System ID column in Excel file

When you import products, based on the Product System ID column SAP CPQ decides whether the product is going to be updated or created. If the column has value for the particular product (represented by row in the Excel file) this product is going to be created if the System ID does not exist in the SAP CPQ, or updated if it already exists. If column is missing or it is empty, SAP CPQ will assign System ID to the product in the same way when admin created product manually.

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